Spring has sprung! With school years drawing to a close and holidays abound, it is easy to feel overwhelmed as the weather warms up. This spring, take some of the pressure off with our Signup Tool. Organize your group events efficiently and effectively, so you can sit back and enjoy spending time with friends and family this season.


In this post, we offer 7 ways you can use our Signup Tool this spring. Each idea includes an example signup to offer inspiration for your own events!


1. Plan a class party


As the end of the school year nears, consider hosting a class party. Class parties are a wonderful way to celebrate all that your child and their class have accomplished in the past year.


Don’t let wrangling a group of 20 parents stop you from hosting a class party!


Our Signup Tool makes it easy to organize group events. You don’t have to spend your time texting with all the parents in your child’s class – all you have to do is send them a link and they can choose how they want to participate.


Here is an example of a class party signup





2. Plan a neighborhood potluck 


As mask mandates are lifted, we’re able to spend more time together, both indoors and outdoors! This offers the perfect opportunity to reconnect with our neighborhoods in a more intimate setting. Consider hosting a neighborhood potluck party this spring to celebrate our return to indoor group events!


Potlucks give your neighbors the chance to shine, and allow everyone to participate in the festivities. Invitees can sign up to bring their favorite dish, or, if they’re too busy to cook, they can bring their favorite drink along!


Here’s an example of a neighborhood potluck and attendance signup


Our software handles the email confirmations and email reminders (via text too)! So once you set up your potluck and send out the invitation via email, text, or social media, your job is done. You can sit back, relax, and enjoy plenty of home-cooked food.


people serving themselves at potluck dinner signup tool



3. Organize snacks and concession shack duty for your youth sports team


Spring time also marks the beginning of outdoor sports like baseball and soccer. If your child is a part of a youth sports team this spring, consider organizing snacks or concession stand duties using our Signup Tool.


Organizing a weekly snack signup at the beginning of the season allows team parents to sign up for snack duty on the weekends that work for them! With built-in email reminders, PlanHero will remind your fellow team parents a few days before they signed up – that way no one goes hungry!


Here is an example of snack signups for youth sports teams


You can also create signups for water on the same page to ensure your kids don’t get thirsty on the field as the weather warms up.


And if your team has a concession shack, you can create a signup for volunteers.


Here is an example of a concession volunteer signup


Our Signup Tool makes it easy for people to sign up for volunteer shifts. Having shorter shifts allows people to help out, without missing the entire game!


Simplify your life with our Signup Tool for baseball boys in uniform



4. Organize a clean-up the park or neighborhood day (or month)


As we spend more time in our beautiful outdoor spaces, it’s also important to make sure we care for them. Organizing a Cleanup day (or month!) in your neighborhood is a great way to get your entire community involved.


Cleanups instill a sense of ownership in participants, allowing them to take an active role in maintaining our community’s parks, lakes, and rivers. Taking the time to pick up trash from these spaces reduces pollution, helping our outdoor spaces remain beautiful for years to come.


Here is an example of a park cleanup signup


Participants do not need to create a PlanHero account to volunteer, which can be a barrier for participation. With our Signup Tool, you can share your signup for anyone and everyone to participate!





5. Organize a spring finals care package party


Send your college student something special to help them through spring finals! Invite your friends with college coeds of their own to join you for breakfast while you package snacks and goodies together.


Here is an example of a finals care package signup


You could also make your care package party an occasion to drink – serving wine and hors d’oeuvres instead of breakfast – just sayin’…


Spending time with your friends gives you a chance to unwind, and with everyone contributing, the care packages will come together quickly. Your college student will thank you!





6. Work with a local school or nonprofit to create an adopt-a-child summer send-off


Rally together as a community to provide students at your local school with everything they need to have a great summer! Organizing an Adopt-a-Child summer send off is a great way to fill the needs of your community.


You can work with a local school or nonprofit to organize a summer Adopt-a-Child signup, coordinating donations of new or gently used items.


Here is an example of a Summer Adopt-a-Child signup


You can also use our Collect Money Lists if you need to collect money for gift cards or larger items!





7. Organize a wine tasting party with friends


There’s nothing better than unwinding with friends over a glass of wine and a charcuterie board! It’s indulgent, relaxing, and fun.


Invite your friends over for a wine tasting party this spring. Everyone can sign up to bring their favorite varietal, cheese, or crackers. You’ll all get to try something new and share your tried and true favorites with one another. Here’s a great post from TheKitchn.com with inspiring tips for hosting a successful wine tasting party.


Here is an example of a wine tasting signup


You can have your guests share what they’re bringing using the Comments Box when they sign up. This way, everyone can bring something different.


wine tasting glasses on table


What about you? We’d love to hear your ideas for ushering in spring!


Ready to start creating signups? Test drive our Signup Tool with our 30-day free trial! No credit card is necessary to get started.