Need to create a signup for interviews, parent-teacher conferences, prayer vigils, corporate massages, blood drives, photography sessions, ministering interviews, or open enrollment sessions?


Our time spot incrementing feature will get the job done super quickly and super easily. That’s right, like a superhero.


This feature is available on our Signup Tool, Club Tool, and Team Tool.


Check out our short video to see just how simple it is. We’ve mapped out each step below as well.



After you’ve created a new signup, just follow these easy steps:


(1) Add Event Description


(2) Add Date(s) and Locations(s)


  • Remember that you are setting the start time and end time for each of your dates


Add Signup Time Increments for dates and locations


(3) Add Signup List
  • In this case, select List with Time Spots


Signup Time Increment


(4) Select + Add time spots with increments


PlanHero add signup time increments page


(5) Enter the Start time and the End time of the time increments


Add list with time spots screen fields PlanHero


(6) Select the time increment for your signups


  • Pro-Tip: Use our Quick Pick feature rather than the arrows to make your selection quickly (see bottom of page).


(7) Enter text for Time Spot Items


  • Click + Add item if you need more than one item to be signed up for during each time increment.
  • You can edit individual time increments after your create your list.


(8) Enter Amount Needed


(9) Click Add x time spots button


(10) Scroll down and select either Just This Date & Location or All Dates & Locations


(11) Click Create list


(12) Click Apply (if you have a multiple Date and/or Location event and you elected to apply your list to all of your Dates & Locations)


Kaboom! Your list is auto-populated. Yep. If you started at 8:00 am and ended at 5:00 pm, and had 10 minute increments, you now have 54 signup time spots ready and raring to go!



Quick Pick feature