I can still remember when friends brought us hot dinners after the births of our sons. It was such a highlight after a near sleepless night and a fussy afternoon with a newborn. 


Back then, there was no way to create a meal signup digitally, and there certainly was no DoorDash or Uber Eats. Yet even with the advent of commercial meals delivered to your door, there is something about a homemade dinner prepared by the hands of friends and relatives that says We Care.


If you have a friend, family member, or parishioner who is undergoing cancer treatment, recovering from an operation, bringing a new baby home, or who has suffered a recent loss, organizing a group meal delivery says just that, We Care


Our Tools make it super simple to create a meal signup, so don’t let lack of time stop you.


Our software handles the scheduling, the email confirmations, and the email reminders (via text too). So once you set it up and send the link out via email, text, or social media, your job is done.


Remember, our Signup Tool doesn’t have those pesky ads that may confuse older folks who want to help out.


Here’s an example of a Meal Delivery Signup.


Here’s a short video showing you how to create a meal delivery signup.:

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