As we roll into late spring and early summer (and a modicum of group gathering freedom), consider planning an outdoor  neighborhood, church, school, work, or friends & family potluck. Dust off those extra lawn chairs, secure the park, blow off the leaves in the lawn, then figure out who’s coming and what’s on the menu.


Use our Signup Tool to:

  • Get signups for who is bringing what: watermelon, corn-on-the-cob, chips and dip, margaritas. Please invite us if you are planning on margaritas.
  • Get volunteers to orchestrate activities. Whether it’s for a water balloon fight (try these! You can fill and tie dozens of water balloons in no time), clean-up, or who is bringing extra chairs and blankets, do it all quickly and in one place with our Signup Tool .
  • Track attendance. Know who is coming so you can make sure you’re stocked up on enough necessities.


We show you how to create a potluck signup in this quick video tutorial including attendance, food/activity signups, volunteer time spot signups, plus a Collect Money signup for collecting donations for the main course:




We are always on the lookout for some easy, yummy potluck-able eats. Whether you’re hosting or showing up at the potluck, there’s always a need for new nibbles for noshing.


Create Potluck Signup with PlanHero - Teens playing frisbee


Fun Activities for the Kids

  • We already mentioned water balloons, and seriously – if you’re so inclined to welcome a water fight in your backyard (or your neighbor’s) we can’t recommend these enough. We remember filling them up, one-by-one, and tying teeny, tiny knots until our fingers were numb. Now all you have to do is attach something to a hose nozzle!
  • We love these summer craft ideas to keep little hands busy…especially #3 Float Your Boat if you’re near water (you may need an extension cord). And here are a few more great ideas from Craftspal.
  • How about good old-fashioned Frisbees? shares 15 fun Frisbee games here.
  • What about showing a movie after the sun sets?  Since we’ve all become videos whizzes during the pandemic, why not? This post from MomAdvice on how to put together a simple, DIY outdoor movie night will get the creative juices flowing.


Have a GREAT time!