Founded in 1994, Front Range Christian School (FRCS) is a Preschool through 12th grade Christian school located in Littleton, Colorado. FRCS offers an intimate, tight knit community for its students, parents, and staff.



FRCS provides a quality education designed to raise up Christian scholars and partners with the Christian home to raise up kids who are ready for life in college and beyond, who are intentionally equipped to impact the world for Christ, and who are able to give an answer for their faith no matter their circumstances. Strong community was, is, and will be the primary goal of FRCS and their volunteer platform, the Parent Partnership Program (P3).


After researching various scheduling platforms to assist volunteer efforts, the school began using PlanHero to connect parents to the school’s volunteering needs. The platform allows FRCS to manage and maintain the school’s larger capacity events and set capacity limits, something which was especially helpful during Covid. PlanHero’s built-in reminders also increased FRCS’s volunteer follow through, and our communication feature allows FRCS to easily inform parents of any changes to the school’s events. Plan Hero has helped streamline that process so parents and students alike can enjoy spending time with their community!