I have exactly two settings when it comes to what I wear when I drop the kids off at school: I Woke up Like This and Look Who Had Time to Shower. Which means I’m either slouched behind the steering wheel, praying to God I don’t have to step outside the car to assist in retrieving an overly-heavy Dress-Code-for-Moms:-Is-it-Ever-Okay-to-Wear-Pajamas-at-Drop-Off?backpack from the trunk, or my window is down and I am confidently waving to everyone because look at me! My hair is clean and oh by the way yes these are jeans and not yoga pants paired with my husband’s fraternity sweatshirt from 1992. 


Although let’s be honest here. If you’re feeling sassy and fresh, you’ll see nobody. But if you’re rocking a coffee-stained Hanes t-shirt and sweatpants woven with pet hair you will see absolutely everyone. You will see the PTA moms, the school board president, the teacher who gives you the side-eye because you forgot about school conferences that one time, and probably your ex-boyfriend.


People have a lot to say on this topic, especially after last year’s viral story about Darlington U.K.’s Skerne Park Academy Head teacher Kate Chisholm sending home a wardrobe shaming letter to parents asking them to “set a better example” for their children when they get dressed in the morning.


This of course prompted an ongoing internet debate over whether or not it’s okay to wear pajamas when dropping your kids off at school, and whether or not schools even have the right to regulate dress codes for parents. Huffington Post contributor Sarah Bregel penned a scathing rebuke outlining why she’ll continue to wear pajamas to school.


So PlanHero Nation, what say you? Would you ever? Have you ever? Let’s talk about it in the comments.