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Fab Founders–Suggested Email Text to SuperSixers

(Just copy and paste, then customize as needed)


Subject Line: Get Organized with MomClone–Join Me!

My friend <Jen Berman> is part of the founding team of new web app, MomClone. They’re creating a toolkit to make busy parents more efficient.

They just launched their first tool, the Gatherings Tool. You can use it to get people to sign up for things (e.g. food items for a potluck/party), to volunteer for things (e.g. set up and clean up), and/or to track attendance (e.g. to a party or special occasion).

I’ve found it easier to use than some of the other apps/tools out there. It looks great on desktop, tablet, and mobile, and I don’t have to download an app on my phone. Recipients don’t have to pay a dime or create an account.

As a way to help my friend spread the word about MomClone, I get to give out (10) six-months free subscriptions. I know you do a lot of volunteer and organizing work, so I want you to have one.

They are running two give-aways for getting signed up early (by December 5) and for also sending out your first event quickly (by December 10). The prize for sign up is a $250 UGGs gift card, and the prize for sending out the first event is a $1000 Amazon gift card.

If you want to give it a try, sign up now:

  1. Create a MomClone account here.
  2. Subscribe to the GATHERINGS TOOL.
    • Add TOOL (Gatherings Tool)
    • Select SUBSCRIBE (not Start Free Trial)
    • Use the Promo Code: SuperSixers
    • You will receive six (6) months free!
    • You’ll need to enter your credit card because you’re SUBSCRIBING, but you will not be charged for six (6) months.
    • Make sure you select MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION (NOT Annual Subscription) so that your Promo Code will work properly.
    • In your Account Settings, you can elect to receive a notification 24hr before charging your card!
  3. Create and send your first EVENT.
    • IDEAS: potlucks, class parties, teacher appreciation lunches, holiday cookie exchanges, food drives, New Year’s Eve celebrations,  tailgate parties…more ideas here.


Thanks so much!