I don’t know about you, but I spend much of the winter pining for the warmer weather of spring, and once it arrives in all its glory, I wish I had spent a little more time in the colder months planning ahead for all the gifting occasions that spring brings forth.


Father’s Day is coming up, and it’s definitely one of those holidays I tend to shop for at the last minute, which hardly seems fair. This year, we have curated a list of meaningful gifts and ideas for the dad in your life that we think are not only fantastic but make a positive impact. Let PlanHero’s gift guide help make celebrating the hero in your family a little easier so you can keep doing what you do best. Pro-tip: many of the websites we’ve linked to are also great resources for graduation gifts. ‘Tis the season!


  • You can never have enough comfy pants, and the Atlas Sweatpant by Tentree is not only super cool looking (and comfy – I plan on “borrowing” my husband’s), it is made from sustainable organic cotton and recycled cotton. The best part? For every item purchased at Tentree, the company plants ten trees! A win-win scenario if ever there was one. If your dad doesn’t need another pair of sweatpants, browse their site; you’ll have no problem finding something great.
  • Yes, socks and ties seem a little mundane, but my husband has a bit of a sock habit. Our laundry room also appears to share in this habit, as we aren’t quite sure what is happening to all the matching pairs (vortex? someone really needs to solve this mystery; I know I am not alone) so socks are often on his gift list. We found these super fun Socks in a Box over at Ten Thousand Villages. The name is too cute, and the mission behind Ten Thousand Villages is even better. Their products are made by artisans in India who have access to fair wages, medical checks and treatments, a savings plan, and more. Bonus, they are currently offering a 25% discount code.
  • The second-most misplaced items in our house (next to socks) are water bottles and travel mugs. Why? How? If I could surgically attach them to my family, I would, but in the meantime, check out Klean Canteen’s travel mug. There are so many reasons to love this; it’s ultra durable and safe (all BPA-free materials and a nontoxic coating plus a lifetime warranty) and Klean Canteen is dedicated to high standards of social and environmental transparency, accountability, and performance.
  • Planning on grilling something tasty for Father’s Day? One Hope Wine sells a variety of beautiful California wines that will not only pair well with whatever you’re serving dad, but supports a myriad of meaningful causes. To date, One Hope Wine has made 3 million dollars in donations, provided 46,000 people with global healthcare, 49,000 forever homes for shelter animals, 1.8 million meals for children, 163,000 life-saving vaccines and much more.
  • Is your dad a dog lover who was rescued by his dog, instead of the other way around? Found My Animal has adorable pet accessories that celebrate adopted pets and support animal welfare through their products that promote animal adoption.
  • Does your dad literally have everything? When he tells you not to get him anything – really – does he mean it? Give him the gift that is far from ordinary and supports the lives of families in need all around the world. We love Heifer International for this very reason. Your donation in dad’s name can send a girl to school, provide livestock for a family, and so much more. Everyone wins.
  • If your dad has another favorite cause, you can always put the donation receipt in a thoughtful handmade card and hand it to him with his morning coffee (or afternoon beer). The kids can make the gift even more special by donating some of their allowance or savings to dad’s gift. It’s a simple, easy method to incorporate into your family tradition of making a difference outside the home.
  • Has it been a while since Dad got around to cleaning out his car? My own husband will take the time to wash and clean mine but puts off doing his own in the interest of time. Show your dad an act of kindness that puts him first by washing and detailing his car before he gets up. If weather or time doesn’t permit, you can always tuck a gift certificate to a car-washing service under his wiper blades.
  • If your dad can’t wait for his special day to hit the road for a good ride or has always wanted to get into cycling, we love Trek Bikes. Whether it’s new gear or a new bike, we choose Trek not only for their superior products but because of their commitment to social responsibility. Trek gives back to several organizations that make our world healthier, safer, and a better place. Bonus: they have a Memorial Day sale going on through May 27th!


Whatever your plans for Father’s Day this year, we hope your dad feels loved and celebrated. Have a great tip for more gift ideas? Don’t keep it a secret; share with us in the comments!