We can help you create a COVID vaccine signup in minutes


NOTE: We do not administer COVID vaccines. We offer software that allows a vaccine provider to create signups for vaccines.


You can use our Signup Tool to create an online COVID vaccine signup. You may start your 30-day free trial here.


Please know that we do not have any advertisements on our signups that may confuse the people who need to sign up for their vaccines.


How to create a single-day vaccine signup:




How to create a multiple-day COVID vaccine signup:


Here is the example of our multiple day signup with time increments. Feel free to view it on any device (desktop, iPad, mobile phone).

A few helpful points:

If things change (e.g. bad weather, delayed vaccination delivery, etc.), you can use our Message Invitees feature to let those who signed up that plans have changed. Here’s how.
You can include live links to documents such as vaccine fact sheets or PDFs that need to be downloaded and filled out prior to administering the vaccine. If you paste the link into the List Title, it will arrive as a live link in the confirmation email that we send to those who sign up.
You may select to auto-send up to two email reminders (1 – 5 days before and 1 – 5 hours before the signup start time). The person signing up may opt to also receive these auto-reminders via text message.
When a person signs up, they must enter their name and email address. You may also elect to make phone number mandatory as well. This check box may be found in your Event Settings (see below).

Need to Create a Signup for COVID Vaccine Volunteers?

We can help you with that too. We know that most groups administering vaccines need a small army of volunteers for intake, escorting from waiting area to vaccination area, administering the vaccines, and monitoring the 15-minute post-vaccine waiting area.
Use our Signup Tool to quickly create an online signup to solicit help from your community. People are ready and willing to help in this endeavor!
Watch our short video below to walk you through the set-up quickly. You may view this example Vaccination Volunteer Signup here.