Our own Jennifer Berman knows how rewarding, and challenging, 4-H volunteering can be.  As a community leader (club leader) for a nearly 100 member club, there are a lot of details to manage with club meetings and events, project groups, county activities, members and volunteers.  She wanted a way to manage all of that in one location, so we designed it! The Club Tool…


Yet times have changed with increased numbers of households counting on dual incomes, and increased numbers of single-parent households as well. How do women in particular have time to volunteer when 70% of them work, and 75% of those women work full time?


At PlanHero, we’ve designed our Club Tool to make 4-H club management easier.


With Jen’s tutelage, we designed our Club Tool to address the needs of an active 4-H club. Our goals were simple:


  • Make it easy for people to find all the club information in one spot
  • Make it easy for someone to take on a volunteer leadership role
  • Make it easy to communicate to the club
  • Make it easy for volunteers to sign up to help

4-H Juggling Volunteer Needs

So how does it work?



  • Invite members to join your group using their email and name. For younger members, you’ll want to use the parent/guardian’s email address. The new member or parent/guardian can then add his/her cell phone number and skill sets/interests as well.
  • All members and parent/guardians can easily see other members’ contact information. That said, if privacy is an issue, a member can choose to make her/his info private. In this case, only the club/group organizer can see it.


Roster Example Make 4-H Volunteering Easier PlanHero Club Tool

Adding Member Video Tutorial

Your Role – Members Completing their Profiles Video Tutorial



Meetings + Master Calendar

  • Using our Events, you can quickly enter all of your:
    • Meeting dates for the year
    • Signups for each club Project (Pro-Tip: use an event with no date for this…those lists will then remain at the top of your event list)
    • Meeting dates for each Project for the year (Pro-Tip: Add the Project Leader as the co-organizer for this event)
  • Use our Track Attendance feature so that you know who is attending a given meeting and who is not.
  • View all of your meetings, events, project groups, and activities on one master calendar.
  • Sync the meetings to your calendar.



4-H Calendar Club Tool Example



4-H Calendar Example PlanHero Club Tool


Events (Signups) — Need More Volunteers?

  • See all of your events in one place.
    • Multiple dates and locations? No problem. Imagine how easy this makes barn duty at the fair!
    • Easily create lists of what you need and rearrange them as needed.
  • Volunteers can easily sign up for time spots and to bring things. Here’s an example.
  • No need for volunteers (external to the club) to create an account if they don’t want to.
  • Reminders are sent via email and/or texts.
  • Volunteers no longer have to dig through their inboxes to remember what they committed to and when the event is!
  • Sync events to your calendar.


4-H Barn Duty Signup Example PlanHero Club Tool

Creating Simple Signups Video Tutorial

Creating DETAILED Signups Video Tutorial



Kids doing robotics




Skip those painful emails with people hitting reply-all by using our Messaging feature.

  • Message the whole club/group.
  • Message just the people associated with a specific event or project.
  • This make updates for things like rain-outs, venue change, and time changes pain-free!

Messaging for make 4-H volunteering easier with Club Tool



Club Chat

  • Use the Club Chat feature to communicate between members.
  • Example: “I’m staying late at the fair to help Jen with clean-up. Can anyone take Ellie home with them?”



Recruit next year’s leaders with ease!

  • After setting everything up this year, next year will be a piece of cake. Your leader-elect can simply duplicate what you did this year and edit as needed. That will be very helpful when you are recruiting next year’s leaders!

So get ahead of the game and organize 4-H club now! Our Club Tool is built for easy and successful club management.