It is an understatement to say that the COVID-19 shelter-in-place orders have been challenging. As many states transition into the various phases of reopening, faith organizations are presented with yet more predicaments. Our Signup Tool or Club Tool can help smooth the transition.


Tool tips for reopening your church, synagogue, mosque, or temple



Limit attendance for in-person worship services:


Most municipalities are slowly ramping the number of people who can gather together at one time. So how do you ensure that you meet local regulations and keep your congregants safe? Many faith organizations are offering more than one service per week. You can use our Signup Tool or Club Tool to create a single signup that covers a month of each of the various worship services. The Tools allow you to set a limit for the number of signups for each service to comply with local standards. This way, no one gets turned away at the door. Also, by having more than one service available for signup at one time, people who do not get their first choice for worship service, will have alternatives from which to choose. Check out our example here.


This short video guides you through signup creation step-by-step




Keeping it Clean and Safe:


Keeping things clean has also taken on a new meaning. You can create a signup for volunteer cleaning and safety assignments. Our example includes volunteers who will help direct worshippers to the correct areas and keep them from clumping together, volunteers to hand out masks for those who do not have them upon entering the place of worship, volunteers responsible for cleaning high-touch surfaces, and volunteers to staff a hand-sanitizer table and check people in.


Volunteers for Worship Service Example



Meet in Small Groups


Use our Signup Tool to create meetings/activities for small groups. Whether it’s a bible study meeting outdoors at a coffee shop, or a small group gathering at the church, you’ll know who’s attending and you can set the stage for personal safety in the Description area.


Alternatively, you can use our Club Tool to create a separate “club” for each small group. Then you can create as many events/signups for each group as you please.


Here’s an example June Bible Study signup using our Club Tool (see screenshot of Club Tool dashboard below):




These are just a few of the ways you can use our Signup Tool or Club Tool to make reopening / re-gathering at your church, ward, synagogue, or mosque go smoothly.


Let us know how we can assist you! Also, we’d love to hear your tips for reopening churches and other faith organizations — do share!