We love seeing how our subscribers are using PlanHero™ throughout the year. Whether it’s a walk-a-thon, signups for the office party, or prayer chains, we are always delighted by the myriad of ways in which our tools are being put to use.


We also know that despite the best-laid plans, this time of year can be a little crazy,  and if you’re like us, the idea of yet another group email is enough to send you over the edge of Candy Cane Mountain. Need some quick inspiration? We’ve compiled just a few of the ways our subscribers are using the PlanHero™ toolbox this holiday season to get you started. We hope the time you save means more time to cozy up with that hot chocolate and your favorite person (or maybe an opportunity to catch up on your favorite series).


  • Toy drives
  • Holiday gift wrapping party
  • Neighborhood gift exchange
  • White elephant party
  • Warming shelter volunteers
  • Gift deliveries
  • Humanitarian relief
  • Signups for hair donations
  • Office parties
  • Teacher gifts
  • Progressive Dinners
  • Christmas caroling


However you put us to use, thank you for choosing us to help organize your busy life this time of year!