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Organize and host a cookie exchange (or cookie swap)

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Make your holidays a little sweeter with a cookie exchange organized with PlanHero.

All the details. All in one place. No more searching through your inbox.

Know who brings what

Get signups for who is bringing what type of cookie and how many to bring. Throw in some apps and vino for good measure. See our example Cookie Swap here.

Accurate headcount

Get an accurate count of who is coming.


Reminders are sent out automatically. Lose the irritating reply-all emails and the annoying string of group texts.

Simple set-up

Super easy to set-up. Designed the way we think. Plus, Katie Workman’s Cookie Swap post will give you plenty of ideas for all the party details!

Auto updates

You receive alerts if anyone changes what they’re bringing or how many peeps are coming.

No charge for recipients

Guests don’t pay a dime.

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