How to save time for busy Latter-day Saints volunteers using PlanHero®


The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints relies heavily on volunteer support in its operations. Unlike many other Christian churches, Latter-day Saints wards are run entirely by volunteer staff. It can be quite challenging juggling work, home, and volunteering responsibilities.


We can help ease some of the organizational burden and provide extra time for your more important work in ministering to the congregation.


Whether you’re a bishop, a Relief Society president, an elders quorum president, or one of many other important volunteers, you’ll find that affordable PlanHero can alleviate some the chaos associated with manually organizing groups.


PlanHero will allow you to quickly and easily create all kinds of events/signups for congregants during and outside of normal Sunday attendance times. In addition, you’ll note that PlanHero has no advertisements on its dashboard or signups — which might conflict with church messaging.


Here are just a few examples of signups (events):










Here’s what Drew Young had to say about PlanHero on the TrustPilot review site:











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