How to save time for busy Latter-day Saints volunteers using PlanHero™’s Tools


The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints relies heavily on volunteer support in its operations. Unlike many other Christian churches, Latter-day Saints wards are run entirely by volunteer staff. It can be quite challenging juggling work, home, and volunteering responsibilities.


We can help ease some of the organizational burden and provide extra time for your more important work in ministering to the congregation.


Whether you’re a bishop, a Relief Society president, an elders quorum president, or one of many other important volunteers, you’ll find that our affordable Tools can alleviate some the chaos associated with manually organizing groups.


Depending on your needs, our Signup Tool or our Club Tool will allow you to quickly and easily create all kinds of events/signups for congregants during and outside of normal Sunday attendance times.


Here are just a few examples of signups (events):










Here’s what Drew Young had to say about PlanHero on the TrustPilot review site:










How Do I Decide Which Tool is Best for my Ward?


The Club Tool has all the great features of the Signup Tool, plus it includes a member roster with contact information and more branding. In addition, it includes a comprehensive calendar of all events. This calendar is visible to all logged-in members of the “club”.


What Do You Mean by More Branding?

With our Club Tool, all of your confirmation and notification emails will feature your organization name and logo in the heading as opposed to ours (PlanHero™). If that’s important to you, then the Club Tool is the Tool for you.


Examples below:


Example of Club Tool confirmation email
Example of Club Tool Confirmation Email



PlanHero Confirmation Email Example Signup Tool
Example of Signup Tool Confirmation Email


Deciding which Tool is best for you is dependent on what kind of software your ward is already using. For example, if you already have a database for your members and are using a web-based calendar to post your events, you probably just need the Signup Tool. You can create a new event, then paste the link into your existing event calendar. Alternatively, you can share the signup link (URL) in an email to get signups. Easy!


If creating a roster is important to you–say for a self-contained book club–then the Club Tool might be a better choice for you. You could run your book club as one club, then add another club for all your other ward events. NOTE: Our Club Tool allows you have both members-only events AND public events (meaning a person need not be signed in to signup for the event).


What if I want the branding aspect, but don’t need the roster?

No problem. Just use the Club Tool without ever adding any members. All of your events can be set to public. This way you get the benefit of the additional branding, but can ignore the member roster aspect. Many of our corporate clients do exactly that!


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