This year, there’s really no excuse for being unprepared for Christmas. Let’s face it, our social lives have been seriously truncated by COVID-19. We’re not traveling much, or throwing big dinner or office parties, and sporting activities are generally solitary affairs. We’ve grown accustomed to shopping online for all manner of items (let’s not forget the toilet paper shortage back in the spring). So in-between Zooms, use our unique holiday gift guide below to start checking those peeps off your list.


We know there are myriad holiday shopping guides out there; ours is reflective of who we are and what we stand for. We divided our unique holiday gift guide into four sections:


  • Do Good: Items or services that when purchased make someone’s life a little better


  • Be Organized and Save Time: Items or services that will make you more organized and save you time


  • Encourage STEM Pursuits in Youth: STEM careers pay better than most careers, and women and minorities are underrepresented in them. Let’s change that…and change lives at the same time.


Unique holiday gift guide young woman working on engineering xy table



Start making a difference with gifts that make a social impact.


Jewelry is always on a loved one’s Holiday list. The Giving Keys makes beautiful, personalized pieces that make a wonderful addition to any jewelry collection, as well as, having a life-saving, social impact. The Giving Keys mission is to aid others in their transition out of homelessness. They have created over a hundred jobs for people transitioning and continue to grow their impact with each purchase.


Like music, paying it forward goes well with every season. The House of Marley portable speaker allows you to take Holiday music wherever you go. Not only are the speakers made with sustainable materials, but your purchase also aids global reforestation and ocean preservation. The House of Marley actively supports One Tree Planted and Surfrider Foundation.


In the wake of the pandemic, cooking at home has become a necessity. The Always Pan by Our Place is a versatile pan that combines your frying pan, nonstick pan, sauté pan, steamer, skillet, saucier, saucepan, spatula and spoon rest. Proceeds support communities in need through their partnership with Feeding America, donating over 200,000 meals. Our Place has also partnered with Los Angeles Food Policy Council to bring fresh and healthy food to South Los Angeles communities.


Need a new winter beanie? Get winter ready with Love Your Melon. Love Your Melon is an apparel company that gives 50% of their profit to the fight against pediatric cancer. They are dedicated to giving a hat to every child facing this battle. Love Your Melon sells an assortment of winter accessories, including beanies and blankets.


love your melon beanies for 2020 unique holiday gift guide


The element of surprise might just be the best part of any gift. With a subscription box, you never know what you are going to get. Plus, it is a gift that keeps on giving. The Arise Box is seasonal subscription that features ethical, sustainable, and fair trade goods, while also fighting against human trafficking. Ten percent of every subscription helps build care packages for human trafficking survivors.


Or, you can give a life-changing gift to a family in need with Heifer International,  They will create a custom card for the person or group who has inspired your donation, whether it be clean water for a village, sheep for a family, or help launching a small business for a woman living in poverty.




Whether you are a natural born organizer or someone who is simply trying to tidy your daily mess, organizational tools can be helpful to almost anyone.


Stop spending time searching for lost items. Tiles are a perfect solution. Attach these to your keys, wallet, or phone and locate your valued items with ease. Just download the Tile app and follow the in-app instructions to activate. These tiles will save you time and also give you some peace of mind.


Every organizer knows the importance of labels. You can label everything from your photos, to your folders, or even your pantry. There are numerous label makers on the market today, some ideas are: Versatile Label Maker, Cube Wireless Label Maker, or Personal Label Maker. Another label option would be to purchase pre-made labels like these from Etsy.



p-touch label maker for 2020 unique holiday gift guide


Working from home has become the new norm. While at home, there is constantly something to do and keeping track of everything can be overwhelming. An acrylic dry erase board can help make your home life more organized and less taxing. This board is easily accessible and can help track your grocery list, daily tasks, appointments, or your child’s remote learning schedule.


The pandemic has made us all become cooks whether we like it or not. Recipe organization is not for the faint of heart and grocery shopping has only become more and more like the Hunger Games. Paprika is an app that helps you save and organize recipes, use them to plan weekly menus, and create shopping lists based on those menus. Use a recipe manager to make your life easier.


Anyone else have a jumbled mess of wires and charging cords? With all the electronics we use these days, cable storage and organization has become a need not a want. One easy solution would be to have a Leather Charger Roll Up cord organizer, which is perfect for keeping cables organized while on-the-go.  Another more permanent solution would be to have Charging Station to help you keep everything in place while you charge devices.


Everyone needs a multipurpose organizer, whether it is for the car, for under the kitchen sink, for cleaning supplies, or for snacks at the park. Use a Caddy Organizer for a convenient and stylish carry-all.