Our sons literally have thousands and thousands of Legos. We were the neighborhood dumping place for all the older boys’ Legos (for which we were most grateful). Our boys may very well have subliminally learned their first curse words when my husband or I stepped on runaway bricks in the middle of the night.


As far as I’m concerned, this video might as well be a torture scene conducted by Lord Bolton on Game of Thrones. This woman could probably skip across a bed of needles.


Tip: One day I was complaining to a girlfriend about having to pick-up said thousands of Legos. She gave me a tip that saved me hours of clean-up over the years. Spread out an old sheet or blanket, then dump the tubs of Legos onto it.  When the kids are finished playing, you can gather up the four corners and pour the bricks back into the bin. Special bonus: The kids actually enjoy doing it!