Organize Groups Fast and Easy

There are thousands of ways to use our Gatherings Tool to help you organize groups. Here are our top 10:


1. Family Reunions

A friend of mine recently lamented upon the amount of work and brain damage that went into organizing a family reunion. She is the nicest person on the planet, yet her frustration level was palpable. This year, she’s going to use our Gatherings Tool. Her family will have a single spot where they see and sign up for the various activities. She’ll just list all the available activities under our Volunteer Duties (e.g. 7/31/17 Kayaking on the Deschutes River – Meet at Dock at 9:00 am) and anyone who wants to participate in that activity can sign up to do so. Et voila! Fam signs up, everyone knows what’s going on, and reminders are sent via emails and/or text.


2. Room Parent Duties / School Events

Use our Gatherings Tool to wrangle parents for field trips, classroom parties (like Halloween, Valentine’s Day, Pi (π) Day, etc), and whatever other cool activities you and the teacher cook up. You’ll get volunteers for what to bring, and know who is showing up to help.




3. Organize a Potluck

Whether you need to organize Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, or Christmas, or just a neighborhood get-together, our Gatherings Tool will save you time and headaches. Set-up is quick and easy. You’ll know who is bringing what, you’ll get signups for volunteers (like the ever-dreaded clean-up), and you’ll know who’s coming. The best part? All the reminders are sent automatically. No more wasting time on reply-all emails or interminable group texts.


4. Tailgate Party

No matter what the sport, it’s always fun to gather with your pals before a big game. If you committed to organize a tailgate party, make it easy on yourself with our Gatherings Tool. Get others to schlep the card tables and iron the tablecloths. Everyone is happy to pitch-in, especially when someone else is dealing with the organization.


5. Teacher Appreciation Lunches

Many school parent groups (PTAs, PTOs, JAF [Just Awesome Folks]) treat their school faculty to monthly or quarterly lunches. If you raised your hand to organize teacher appreciation lunches this year, you’re in luck. Our Gatherings Tool makes it easy. Enter the date, location, what you want people to sign up to bring, and any volunteer help that you need (like set-up and clean-up). Hit Send Invites, and POOF! you’re organized faster than Superman racing that speeding bullet.


6. Holiday Caroling Party

Hosting a caroling party this holiday season? Excellent. This is one of my favorite holiday traditions. I remember coming home and excitedly telling my parents which houses gave us fudge and Christmas cookies. Okay, so obviously I wasn’t driven purely be the holiday spirit – I had (have) a serious, deep sweet tooth. Use the Gatherings Tool to find out who is coming and to get everybody to bring a little somethin’ somethin’ to fill your bellies before you set out on your concert tour.


7. Worship Service Coffee Hour

Did you sign up to organize church coffee hour or temple coffee hour? Bless you. There are many metaphorical references to sheep and flocks in the good books, but let’s face it, herding your fellow worshipers is a little more like herding cats. Use the RECURRING DATE feature in our Gatherings Tool to get sign ups for each Sunday or Saturday. The Tool will automatically send reminders a day or two and an hour or two before the assigned date to remind your volunteers…leaving you more time for other good works.


8. Neighborhood Get-Togethers

Do you organize monthly socials with all of the peeps in your ‘hood? Our Gatherings Tool can make the job easier for you. Get signups for hosting, signups for food and beverages, and signups for who is bringing the fun!



9. Progressive Dinners

These are always fun as they allow each cook to keenly focus on one special part of the meal.  Plus, clean-up is reduced dramatically! Use the Gatherings Tool to get signups for your each course. Just make sure you have a designated driver in-between homes.


10. Meals for a Friend in Need

We all wish good health to others, but sadly, sometimes our friends or family find themselves in need of help. There are few things better than a home cooked meal brought to your door when you’re too ill or too bereft to cook for yourself. The Gatherings Tool can help you swiftly set-up a meal train to aid in your pal’s recovery. Just use the MULTIPLE DATES feature add each date for which you need a volunteer to sign up for the meal train. People want to help friends in need, so signups shouldn’t be hard to come by. Remember that reminders will be sent automatically thus minimizing the time commitment for yourself.


What about you? Have any unique uses for the Gatherings Tool?