How many times have you said it? I wish I could clone myself.

*raises hand*


Yeah, me, too. I’ve said it in jest when I’ve frantically wondered how I was going to get my five year-old to his t-ball field at the same time his older brothers needed to be on opposite fields at schools a mile away. I said it nearly daily the year where each of my five children attended five different schools. Five. Different. Schools. And I’ve hissed it not-so-nicely to my husband when berating him for not having the same built-in mechanism for understanding seventeen things at once, including the fact that we’re out of paper towels, the juice in the ‘fridge is filled with pulp (which every good mother knows has the potential capacity to render picky children apoplectic with disgust), the strips of fuzzy fabric on the dining room table are there because they need to be transformed into 26 hyena tails for the school play, and I’ve been ruminating on a yet-to-be finished work project.


I wish I could clone myself.


PlanHero isn’t going to clean your baseboards, it’s not going to snuggle up under the covers with your kiddo and read Harry Potter (with all the voices, Mom!). But…PlanHero can be the tool in your life that helps streamline your day so you can do these things. The things that matter. Because let’s face it, someday we aren’t going to look back and be filled with contentment over the fact we had clean junk drawers and perfectly matched socks. We all want to be able to feel we gave our best and left it out on the field when it comes to our families, our friendships, and our jobs.


PlanHero is more than an easy-to-use tool.  PlanHero is you. It’s me. It’s all of us who have lived this complicated, messy, beautiful life, and could use something out there to make the details a little easier to manage so we can focus on what we love best.


And who knows, if we can make your life a little easier so you can spend more time with your kids, maybe one day they’ll actually invent a real clone. One who doesn’t melt down after a day of angry cleaning and finding a dirty sock on the pantry shelf. It could happen.


If you could legitimately clone yourself, even for a short time, what would you delegate to your clone? Here’s my list, leave yours in the comments.


  1. Match every sock in my house. Take remaining unmatched socks and create whimsical  puppets to donate to local children’s hospital.
  2. Plan the 21 weekly meals and approximately 1,437 snacks.
  3. Plant a garden with the kids to encourage healthy eating as a sense of accomplishment.
  4. Never ever forget to sign the school planners.
  5. Prepare answers to the random questions my eight year-old likes to lob at me with unnerving frequency (What’s your third favorite wild animal? Would you rather eat a fart or sing a song in public? How big is that spot on Saturn? How do we know?).