Clearly Back to School has taken on many new meanings this year. One thing is for certain, it is not Back to Normal.


At PlanHero™, our Tools can greatly reduce the time you spend as an educator or administrator scheduling and organizing this fall. We’ve worked hard to deliver the best school apps available.


As the founder of PlanHero™ and as a former public school board trustee, it’s important to me and to our team that we help our educators get through this challenging period.

If you are an educator or school administrator, please contact us via our Contact Form to request your promo code for 10-months free use of our best school apps*: our Signup Tool or our Club Tool.


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Ways to use our organizing tools at your school:


1. Select Fall Attendance Option

Is your school offering multiple options for how its students attend school? If so, create a signup that allows parents to select which school option they want for their students. Check out our example here.


2. Meet the Teacher (in person) and Device Distribution

It’s nice for students to meet their teacher in person before they start meeting via Zoom. If your school is also offering device distribution, you can combine the distribution with a short in person introduction. Both our Signup Tool and/or our Club Tool can handle the sign up time spots to keep everyone safe and on track.  We have two examples to share:


teacher Zoom one on one using best school apps3. One-on-One Zooms with the Teacher

Many school districts are going 100% distance learning (DL). For these schools, each day will include synchronous (live with the teacher) and asynchronous (pre-recorded one-way) lessons. In addition, many teachers will be meeting with students one-on-one each week. Use our Signup Tool or Club Tool to create signups with time spots for parents to sign their students up for one-on-ones. Parents will receive reminder emails (and texts if they choose), plus parents can sync their appointments to their calendars. Check out our One-on-One Zooms with the Teacher example here.


best school apps for school covid health screening4. Volunteers for COVID-19 Health Screenings and Protection

Schools that are reopening in the fall will be dealing with, ahem, novel issues. For many of these schools, volunteers will be needed for health screenings such as student temperature scans as they enter the school. If masks are mandatory, volunteers will also be needed to hand them out to students who need them.


5. Class Volunteers

There are still fun activities that you can organize that will give this school year a semblance of normalcy. Parents are ready and willing to help create the diversions. Here’s an idea for a virtual Halloween party.



6. Dorm Room Move-In

For the college co-eds who get to move into their dorms, our signups can help ensure social-distancing during the move-in. Here’s an example using my alma mater.



7. Zoom Counselor Session Signup


With so many students staying at home for DL, there is considerable concern about increases in anxiety or depression. School counselors can play a pivotal role in maintaining good mental health in our students. Here’s an example (private) signup for Zoom sessions with a school counselor.

Ready to get started with the best school apps for online conference signups, Zoom one-on-one signups, counselor Zoom signups and more?