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And now, confession time: I do not like football.


I do not watch sports.


I had to Google when the Super Bowl airs (February 4, 2018 for those living under the same rock as myself).


I would rather stick a rusty fork in my eye than watch a game on television from start to finish, and in fact find the mere sound of sporting events to be somewhat soporific, which is my way of saying I almost instantly fall asleep if there is a game on.


If you are with me, thank you. If you’re not, I understand and please know I do enjoy a good football movie. I’ll watch The Blind Side over and over again because who doesn’t love a good Sandra Bullock movie?


I have four men in my house who totally disagree with me, however; so much so that I suspect they believe I suffered moderate brain damage at one point because what other possible explanation could exist for my nearly un-American stance on our nation’s favorite sport?


That said, I am a BIG believer in snacks and entertaining, and if you’re looking forward to watching the big game, we’ve rounded up a list of fabulous nibbles to share. And for those who get me, make the Super Bowl snacks anyway and stay here for a rundown of all the things you can do during the sporting event that don’t involve actually watching the game.


Forget your diet and eat this–Queso Fundo Dip


The Pioneer Woman has a knack for getting comfort food exactly right; I have never made one of her recipes the men in my family didn’t love. Her famous Queso Fundo dip looks like it won’t last long.



And for those of you who aren’t football fans, this can be a great day! If you’re social and love a good crowd and have family members who look forward to the NFL’s pièce de ré·sis·tance then by all means, throw a party. Make some fabulous food and busy yourself with that. Chat up your guests when they’re not glued to the screen. Maybe pick up a few key phrases to interject during the game…hint: when everyone in the room cheers, you do, too. When something happens that incites anger or disbelief, maybe let loose with a well-timed oh, the humanity! Or something.


Shopping on Super Bowl day is possibly the lowest-hassle day of the year to do so. Nobody is out. You’ll find prime parking pretty much wherever you go. I remember hitting the mall one year in search of a winter jacket and made the mistake of asking the sales clerk where everyone was. Surprise, they were home watching football.


Go on a run.


Grab some noise-cancelling earphones and read a book.


Schedule a spa-day.


Start a craft project.


Call your BFF who also hates football (we tend to stick together).


Catch up on pretty much everything!


How about you, PlanHero nation? What are your plans for February 4?