One traditional year-end activity for high school seniors is Grad Night. This is a final celebration for teens to have one last night with their childhood friends before everyone leaves home to go make their way in the world. Parent volunteers come up with creative Grad Night ideas to make the evening (and morning!) both fun and engaging.


There are a few different approaches to Grad Night. One is to take over the entire school, where various activities are planned to fill the school’s auditorium, gym, and common areas. In contrast, some schools decide to put seniors on a bus and send them to an amusement park, like Disneyland. Grad Night parties can be as elaborate and creative as the parent volunteers who host them desire. 


At my Grad Night, volunteers built a bow of a pirate ship (our mascot was the Pirates) at the entrance, in which you could zip-line from the ship deck into the party. It was grand and really set the stage for the rest of the night. 


Parents and community members work tirelessly for months to plan this safe and sober celebration that students can enjoy. Whatever route the volunteers, or the school decides, a party of this magnitude does not just happen. It is put together by parents and community members, who all contribute in some way to make Grad Night a night to remember. 


Tips to keep graduates entertained throughout the night… 


1. Activities should be varied so there are both active and passive things to do


2. Entertainment should include things that the seniors are unable to do, or have access to, on a regular basis
  • Entertainment Ideas
    • DJ’s/Live Music
    • Hypnotist: A fun light-hearted, comedic stage show usually performed toward the end of the night


3. Make sure to have a handful of different activities 
  • The greater the variety of activities/entertainment, the less chance the graduates will get bored


4. Include raffles with prizes. You can get local businesses to donate prizes. You can also have graduates earn more raffle tickets by participating in or winning games and activities. 
  • Prize Ideas
    • Gift Cards 
    • Cash 
    • Technology: AirPods, iPhones, iPads


PlanHero will help delegate tasks, rally volunteers, and raise prize money. Our software can help plan one last memorable experience for seniors to share, by handling the schedules, email confirmations, and reminders. Check out an example Grad Night signup here.  


High school graduation is a momentous occasion and one to be celebrated, so get those creative juices flowing!


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