In this episode of our series with the Church Communications Podcast, Simplifying Your Outreach Ministry Events, we discussed strategies to streamline your volunteering events, increase participation, and retain volunteers.


Outreach Ministry efforts are an amazing way to get out of the church and serve within your community. Our Signup Tool helps you plan outreach events efficiently and effectively, so your congregation can easily and enthusiastically participate!


When setting up your outreach signup, one of the best ways to encourage participation is to create time blocks. Many people have social and family obligations on weekends, and cannot commit an entire day to an outreach event. Creating two-hour time blocks allows people to dedicate time to volunteering in a way that fits into their schedule, increasing participation. You can also create Collect Money Lists for those who cannot make the event. This allows congregants to support your outreach efforts, even when they have time constraints. 



To ensure your outreach event runs smoothly, you can also assign specific tasks within each time spot. Organizing these tasks upfront ensures that your volunteers will be prepared upon arrival, saving time on the day of the event. This creates a more positive experience for volunteers, encouraging repeat participation.


Bonus tip: You can easily download previous volunteer’s contact information using our Signup Tool. When you plan future events, you can use this information to invite past participants to volunteer again, helping your ministry build a solid group of volunteers!


For more tips on how to organize your church’s Outreach Ministry, check out the episode, Simplifying Your Outreach Ministry Events, below!



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