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Frequently asked questions

There are a few ways to edit what you signed up for. We explain them here. (PS - thanks for signing up for something!)

That sounds frustrating. After you create an account, we ask that you ACTIVATE it. We do this by sending you an email with an ACTIVATE button on it. This helps us both confirm that you are who you say you are. Sometimes our email (from mothership@planhero.com) gets stuck in your Spam, Junk, or Trash folders. Please make sure you check those folders. Also, if you work for a school district, the districts can have pretty strict filters that don't let our emails through. It's best to use a different email address such as Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc. to ensure that our emails will get through (or better yet, ask your district IT person to allow emails from PlanHero.com).

Nope. Participants pay nothing. Anyone you who signs up for something are becomes a Member or Contact for your Group will be able to use PlanHero at no charge. They don't even have to create an account unless they want to be able to view the event page or edit their signups later.

Yes, there is! Our Free Plan includes a very robust feature set and is limited to one live event (signup) at a time. In addition, the event cannot last longer that 30 calendar days, and the plan is limited to a total of three events.

Sure. We sync to Google, Outlook, and Apple iCal calendars. You can do this on our Thank You page after you sign up for something, and also when you receive the email confirmation for your signup(s). Look at the top and/or the bottom of your email confirmation depending on what email service you use for the add-to-calendar prompt. If you have multiple Google accounts, you may be prompted further.

We recommend copying and pasting the event link into either an email sent directly from your own email account, or into a text, or into a social post. If you have a website, you can also paste the link into your website. For our Professional Plans, you can also embed the event into your website.

Nope. Remember that we're busy people too. We know that you might be lying in bed right now trying not to wake your spouse, but you need to get started organizing your daughter's Girl Scouts group. Now. On your iPad. You only need your credit card if you'd like to upgrade to a paid subscription.

Of course. Upgrading and downgrading is simple and pain-free. Just go to My Account and scroll down to the Subscriptions area. Click on "Change" and away you go!

Your billing date corresponds to the date that you initially signed up for a paid subscription. So if you signed up on May 7, your next billing date would be June 7, and so on. The same idea goes for our annual billing plans.

Yeppers. We're in this together. We believe that once you start PlanHero, you'll want to continue using it because it saves you so much time. That said, there's nothing more irritating than looking at your credit card statement and realizing you've been paying for something that you've not been using for months. We've got your back. After you log into your account, click on your photo (or the little human silhouette icon) in the upper right corner. Click on My Account. Scroll down to the bottom and click on I would like to be notified 24h before each billing dateWe'll email you the day before we bill your card just in case you no longer are in need of PlanHero.

We offer a Free Plan, as well as paid subscriptions. You can select a monthly subscription, or alternatively, you can save two months by purchasing annual subscriptions. Visit our Pricing Page for all the details.  

Absolutely! You'll get two months for free when you opt for an annual subscription. Visit our Pricing Page for details.

You can manually transfer an account by changing the name, email address, and billing method to another person in the My Account tab.

Yes! Please feel free to contact us to discuss your needs further.

What?! Say it's not so. We hate to see you go, but if you really must leave us, please contact us with a formal request (that references the email address associated with your account) to delete your account. Please note that once an account is deleted, any files associated with that account will be lost, and we will not be able to restore them. An alternative is to simply downgrade your subscription plan to the Free Plan instead. That way, you won't be charged, and everything will be there ready and waiting for your return! Contact us here: Contact page.

We've got your covered. This post will walk you through the (quick) process.

Glad you asked. Why reinvent the wheel? Save time by duplicating your event. Here's how: Duplicate an Event

Great question. We know that some signups benefit from keeping things private. When creating a Signup List, just check the "Make signups private" box. This will keep the names of participant hidden to everyone except the event organizers and group admins. Here's more info: Private Signups

We recommend using a Simple Signup List to track attendance. The title could be "Are you attending?" and the Item Name could be "I / we will be attending." Then you can use the Amount Needed to limit the attendance as needed.

No, we do not offer a nonprofit discount. We work hard to keep our subscription pricing very approachable for all.

Hmmm...wish there were an app for that! Nope.

Lucky you...you have a promo code! You'll find easy to use instructions here.

We of course hope you'll find PlanHero indispensable, and wonderfully easy to use, BUT, if you think you should receive a refund, please review our Refund Policy here.

Just go to your My Account tab, scroll down to your subscription, and either click CHANGE to downgrade your subscription to FREE or click Go to the Billing Dashboard. There you can cancel your subscription directly via the Stripe dashboard. When you downgrade to a FREE plan, you'll continue to have use of your subscription until the end of your current billing cycle. We will then not charge you for the next billing cycle. Your subscription data will remain dormant until you resubscribe.