Hide Names and Comments in Signups


Our Signup Tool and Gatherings Tool have a wide variety of uses. In some cases, the organizer may want to keep the names of those who sign up private.


For example, if you are offering your services as a grief counselor for two days for free after a natural disaster, people may be reluctant to have their names listed in a public forum, but want very much to sign up and to receive reminders.


Another example might be when children are involved and the organizer would prefer to make sure the names of the children who sign up are not publicly visible.


We’ve added a feature in our SIGNUP LISTS to address this very issue.


And the great thing is that you can use it on a LIST-by-LIST basis, not on a per EVENT basis. This means that you can have an EVENT that includes both public and private lists!


How to make a list private:


  • Create your EVENT per usual
  • Create a LIST
  • At the bottom of the list, you will find a new checkbox asking if you want this list to be PRIVATE
  • Check the box to make the LIST PRIVATE


make a signup private


  • If checked, only the Organizer can see all the names of those who have signed up
  • The person who signs up can only see his or her OWN name, and nobody else’s
  • That’s it!