Change a Life While You Organize Yours

Girls in STEM = Girls with Bright Futures


The PlanHero™ Founding Team is a passionate, can-do bunch.  No surprise that as action-oriented moms and professionals, we are advocates for empowering girls through education in our communities.  That’s why as part of PlanHero’s DNA we have created a science, technology, engineering, mathematics (STEM) education partnership that directly supports middle and high school girls. To cut to the chase: We want to have a serious impact in the volume of girls in STEM higher education.


Every time you subscribe to a PlanHero tool, 5% of PlanHero profits go to support girls in STEM. That’s right, you raise your five-fingered hand, and we donate 5%. #Youraise5wegive5


Our partner program is an intensive, long-term program that brings girls – many of whom will be first generation college applicants – onto local college campuses for a rigorous, STEM-based summer program. Girls begin as rising eighth graders (a time when many girls lose interest in STEM) and continue through high school graduation.


Creating opportunities for underserved girls to explore the sciences, technology, engineering, and math gives them a far better chance to stay in school, go on to college, and in turn go onto careers in high-paying science fields.

Women with STEM jobs earned 33 percent more than comparable women in non-STEM jobs – considerably higher than the STEM premium for men. As a result, the gender wage gap is smaller in STEM jobs than in non-STEM jobs.

So when you subscribe to a PlanHero™ organizing tool, know you’re investing in a better future for all of our girls.