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Save time this season: Organize sports teams fast.

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The process is fast and intuitive.




We send


Simple set up.

Build your roster. Add games and practices using our powerful Events. Get volunteers for things like snacks, field/court set up, refereeing, and concession stand duty. A little time pre-season will save you loads of time all-season.

Organize team events.

Organize team events like team potlucks and awards banquets. Add whatever types of signup lists you need: things to bring, lists with multiple volunteer times spots, and/or collect money lists (think coach’s gift or team uniform payments).

Team members/parents stay informed and volunteer.

People can sign up for events and volunteering from any device. We email them signup confirmations and auto-reminders. Use Group Messaging for last minute updates likes rainouts or carpooling needs.

All team info in one spot.

Your Public Landing Page lets your team see all Events in one place via one link without having to log in.

Organizing and planning is a breeze.

No charge for team members

Team members pay nothing.

Upgrade your plan to manage as many teams as you need

One for each of your children, plus your adult tennis team.

Sync signups to calendar

Players and volunteers can sync their signups to their calendars.


Reminders for signups are sent automatically–saving you time and minimizing no-shows.

Single spot search

Have a single spot where all team members can view team details.

Simple signups

Get signups for snacks and team duties with no reply-all emails.

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Use PlanHero to

Get game schedules out to parents & track player availability

Organize team parties or banquets

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organize sports teams - pizza party

Get signups for snacks

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Get volunteer signups

organize sports teams - soccer referee