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Nonprofit Volunteer Management

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Fast and intuitive.




We send


Easy signup creation.

Create online signup sheets in minutes with our uncluttered, modern user interface.
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Multiple days, time spots, and locations? No problem.

Easily enter events that cover multiple days and/or locations. Then add whatever types of signup lists you need: things to bring, lists with multiple volunteer times spots, and even collect money for items or time spots.
multiple date signup with multiple locations PlanHero

Easy sign up. Volunteers pay nothing. Auto-reminders. Done.

People can sign up for your event from any device. We email them clear confirmations of their signups, which they can sync to their calendars. We send customizable auto-reminders, and you get to exhale.
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All volunteer opportunities on one page.

Post the event to your public landing page so that volunteers can see all volunteering signup options.

See dates with open spots at a glance.

Color coding lets you and your volunteers know which dates have open spots and which do not.

Simple sharing.
Quick communication.

Get the word out. Just paste your event link into an email or text or social posts and you're done. Volunteers sign up with a couple of clicks and receive auto-reminders. Message all volunteers or just volunteers for particular days via email any time.

Add a Member Roster

With our Professional Plan, you can add members and contacts associated with members. You can then message members at the Group level and keep track of communication via the Group Message feature.

Organizing your group is a breeze.

No charge for participants

Participants pay nothing.

All volunteer opportunities in one place

Volunteers can view all volunteering opportunities on your public group landing page.

Volunteers sync signups to their calendars

Fewer no-shows when it’s in your calendar.

Three types of Signup Lists

Simple Signup Lists for items, Time Spot Lists for shifts, and Form Lists to collect info. And you can collect money for any Item on a Simple or Time Spot List!


Reminders for meetings and events are sent automatically-saving you time. Customize them with your own additional text.

One stop volunteer communication

All the info. All in one spot. No more sifting through email or text strings. Use our Message feature for updates and last minute changes.

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Use PlanHero to

Get volunteer signups for events

Create signups with time spots

Have volunteers select t-shirt sizes

Collect donations