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About PlanHero

We’re mere mortals, not superheroes.

Designed for busy people – by busy people.

Most people want to contribute.

Like many people, I want to be involved in the lives of my children and in my community. I’ve been a room mom, class parent, team mom, coach, school board trustee, nonprofit trustee, and a professional. Sound familiar?

Organizing groups of wonderful people should be rewarding, not painful.

We believed there had to be a better way to organize groups. Why can’t it all be in one place? Why do I need separate apps to organize and schedule my groups? Why do I have to learn new software to organize my corporate outreach and something else to manage my scout troop? PlanHero® to the rescue. We deliver an uncluttered user interface that can do it all. Fast. Easy. Done. The way it should be.

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Our mission

To improve people's lives by saving them time. Easy set up. Easy sign up. No capes required.

Julie Farrell - Founder

Meet the team.

Julie Farrell

Julie Farrell

Kids: 2

Fave nonprofit: Storyteller Children’s Center

Best kids’ movie: Harry Potter Series

Fave free-time activity: Cycling

Past life: Industrial lasers

Craziest thing: Bungee jumped – twice

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Jennifer Hillman-Magnuson

Jennifer Hillman-Magnuson

Kids: 5

Fave Nonprofit: ACLU

Best kids’ movie: Matilda

Fave free-time activity: Reading

Past life: Social worker

Craziest thing: Competed in the 45th Annual O’Henry Punslingers World Championship

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Jennifer Berman

Jennifer Berman

Kids: 2

Fave nonprofit: Smile Train

Best kids’ movie: The Princess Bride

Fave free-time activity: Skiing – frozen or liquid

Past life: Multi-family investment real estate management

Craziest thing: Chariot barrel racing with a team of mules

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