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Create Professional Church Signups with No Ads in Minutes

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Let PlanHero's Signup Tool take some of the stress out of your busy day.

All the details. All in one place. No ads to confuse participants and sully your image.

Create signups with time spots

Schedule time increments in hours or minutes and limit how many people can sign up for each time spot.

Sync to calendar

Participants can sync their church signups to their calendars via any device and across time zones.


Reminders are sent out automatically. You’ve got enough on your plate.

Simple set-up

Super easy to set up. Check out eight ideas for your congregation — each with short video tutorials.

See who else signed up (or not)

Create FOMO by letting people view who else has signed up. Or make it Private if you want to keep identities discreet.

No charge for recipients

Participants don’t pay a dime.

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