Zooming in from the mountains of Littleton, Colorado, Melissa Eisenbrandt’s warmth and enthusiasm radiated through the screen as she described her administrative support role at Four Streams Coaching. Rooted in holistic psychology and neuroscience, Four Streams Coaching offers anyone and everyone the chance to build their leadership skills through International Coaching Federation (ICF) accredited courses. A student of the program herself, Eisenbrandt embodies the company’s empathic, people-oriented ethos.



Four Streams Coaching offers accredited courses for individuals seeking to improve their leadership skills or become certified life coaches. The company offers a variety of different tracks to suit the diverse needs of their students. The most common course is the Associate Level Coaching track, which provides basic life coach certification. The next step in one’s coaching career is the Professional Level Coaching track, which requires additional coursework and practice hours. Student’s can choose to pursue both the Associate Level Coaching and Professional Level Coaching certifications through Four Stream’s Elevation Program. For those seeking to improve their leadership skills within their companies, Four Streams also offers a fast track program which pulls out the “main treasures” from traditional certifications. Drawing managers and business leaders, the fast track provides a framework for leaders to improve their interpersonal skills, allowing them to best support and lift up their coworkers.

The people who work for Four Streams are linked through the passionate belief that every single human has dignity and worth.

Eisenbrandt’s passion for personal and professional development brought her to Four Streams Coaching in April, where she supports students and staff through her administrative duties. A small team, Melissa adores the encouraging culture and family feel of Four Stream’s staff. In her own words, “the people who work for Four Streams are linked through the passionate belief that every single human has dignity and worth.” Focused on raising up those around them, Four Streams instructors and administrators aim to cultivate and support personal growth within their students. Students of Four Streams come from all walks of life, enabled by the program’s accessibility. Four Streams courses are offered entirely online, a pre-pandemic decision that allows students and teachers from diverse backgrounds to come together in the spirit of learning. Each student brings a unique perspective to their cohort, invigorating fruitful discussions and adding richness to Four Stream’s programs. Four Stream’s courses require students to dig deep and practice vulnerability, and equip future coaches with a wealth of perspectives. Their clientele includes religious leaders, managers aiming to develop their leadership skills, and people pursuing coaching practices, to name a few. Eisenbrandt speaks of each student’s journey with such admiration, emphasizing the importance of personal empowerment through coaching.


When Eisenbrandt joined the team, she was surprised by its scheduling system, which she describes like “having a brand new engine with a rusty car.” Scheduling students’ practicums, which are required for certification, became an endless task. At the beginning of her time at Four Streams, the company had a singular account on their scheduling system. Only Melissa had access to it, requiring back and forth emails with students to inform them of available times. If students responded quickly enough, Melissa would confirm their appointment in the schedule and add it to a spreadsheet, which was accessible to all Four Streams student’s and staff.



However, people aren’t perfect – if someone had to cancel or didn’t respond quickly enough, it required additional emailing back and forth to schedule. It was a time consuming, frustrating process on both ends! Eager to give their student’s the autonomy to schedule appointments on their own, and save time in the process, Melissa began exploring scheduling platforms in search of something easy to set up, access, and use for individuals of all technological backgrounds. Melissa was drawn to PlanHero for its flexibility, efficiency, and professionalism. It was compatible with Four Stream’s existing website and allowed students and staff to schedule through the site without any additional costs.

Using PlanHero took an unnecessary load off of Melissa so she could focus on her passion for personal development.

Using PlanHero took an unnecessary load off of Melissa so she could focus on her passion for personal development. She continues to work face-to-face with students, helping to draw out their personal passions. With more free time on her hands, Melissa has begun pursuing her own coaching credential as a student of Four Streams’ program. She plans to open her own coaching practice with these skills, applying her desire “to experience and call out the true self which leads to freedom, transformation, and liberation for individuals and communities.”


For more, check out Melissa’s website.