Tips for Parents to Foster Curiosity and Creativity in Children Rocket BoxOn the hunt for ways to light the fire in your child’s imagination? Creativity helps our children build new skills, become more confident, and learn better. Here are some fun ways to ignite some creative play and encourage curiosity in children of all ages:



  1. Subscription boxes! I love the thrill of surprise when ours arrive, whether it’s for food prep, something for the kids, or a treat for mom (I am looking at you, skincare subscription boxes). One of our favorites this summer is the Mel Science Chemistry Kit. They will tailor your box to fit your child’s age, though adult supervision is required for these activities. Older kids can lead the experiments and understand more about the chemical reactions behind the activities with the Mel Science app, and younger kids can watch a tiny nugget of zinc turn into a “hedgehog” after it sits in a tin salt solution. I may have had as much or more fun with this month’s experiments than my kids, so it’s no hardship. And the family that plays together stays together.
  2. Head over to ThinkBaby for fabulous tips and all things toddlers and babies. They recently ran a great piece on encouraging curiosity in small children that is worth the read. I’ve bookmarked this site as my new favorite resource for moms of little ones as well as expectant parents. Times have changed since my “baby” was  born nine years ago!
  3. Have your child develop a treasure map and enlist siblings or friends to hunt for the treasure.
  4. Take time for your own creativity. Whether it’s painting, cooking, gardening, or woodwork – modeling behavior is just as important.
  5. Support creative thinking as much as you do creative expression. The next time you’re all stuck in the car running errands, ask open-ended questions such as “Do you think there is life on other planets?” or “How many ways do you think we could make tacos tonight?” or “If you could design an app, what would it be?”
  6. Check out these tips from our friends at SheKnows on fostering your child’s creativity. A nice reminder – don’t be afraid to let your kids get messy.
  7. Show what you don’t know – and enlist your kids’ help in finding answers. Kids don’t get less curious as they get older, but they do get more self-conscious about admitting what they don’t know. Make “let’s find out!” a regular family phrase.
  8. Moving? Packing? Organizing? Kids and empty boxes are a great thing. Throw in some markers and a few blankets and see where it takes them.


How about you PlanHero Nation? Have any tips for parents to foster curiosity and creativity in children to share?