This week, we spoke with the Church Communications Podcast about engaging congregants of all ages with Bible Trivia Nights. 


Bible trivia nights are fun, fast paced competitions that are sure to excite your entire congregation. You can tailor your Bible trivia night to engage families, youth groups, couples, and more. For families and younger audiences, you might consider providing children’s Bibles to interested congregants. This way, they can study together before trivia night! If you’re interested in drawing in millenials, consider renting out a local venue or bar for your church trivia night. This adds a fun, social element to your competition.



Planning Your Church Trivia Night


Our Signup Tool helps you plan your church’s trivia night efficiently and effectively. If you are hosting your event offsite, our location feature automatically connects to Google Maps, helping attendees easily find and view your venue’s address. Our Signup Tool also automatically sends email confirmations to attendees. This confirmation email includes the location of the venue and is easy to reference on the day of the event!


If your venue has capacity constraints, you can limit the amount of spots available for your event using our Signup Tool. You can also elect to add a Collect Money List to your signup and charge participants for their spot. This can help cover the cost of the event if you are hosting your trivia night at an offsite venue.


Welcoming guests to your church’s trivia night? You can elect to require a phone number when attendee’s sign up. This allows you to reach out to new participants after the event, inviting new members into your church. If your event is only for church members, we recommend forgoing the phone number feature. Participants are more likely to sign up for an event when there are fewer fields to fill out.


Looking to host your own Church Trivia Night? Check out our 8 Ways to Engage Your Congregation and Make Your Life Easier post, where we’ve compiled a list of Church Trivia question resources. They vary in difficulty, so you can easily tailor the level of challenge to your audience. You can also host a Jeopardy style trivia night, and include questions of varying difficulty.


To learn more about strategies for planning your own Church Trivia Night, check out the episode, How to Plan A Church Trivia Night, below!



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