Teachers everywhere, we are so sorry. Thursday, November 1 might be a tough one this year (substitute teachers, get ready for the call tomorrow) as children across the country will be coming off the epic sugar high that marks most Halloween festivities. I say most, because I understand there are parents out there who manage to successfully limit their kid’s candy consumption, and to those who can pull this off I can only say, well done.


If you’re anything like me and find yourself a little behind the 8 ball this year, fear not! We have some very last minute Halloween tips and tricks to get into the Halloween spirit in no time. And if you’re ready to rumble because you’ve had everything planned since September, hopefully you get a few moments to yourself before the doorbell starts ringing with trick-or-treaters.


  1. Still haven’t carved pumpkins? Not really excited about the time and mess involved, especially on a school night? Cool Mom Picks has your back!  While you’re there, be sure to check out their quick and easy ideas for Halloween nibbles.
  2. Don’t have a costume yet? We sometimes run into this, mainly because my children decide on their costume in the summer, talk about it incessantly, then change their minds approximately seventy-four times between September and mid-October. I usually call their bluff and order something in early October, but if you’ve waited a touch too long, don’t fret. For the DIY queens in the house, Brit & Co has some truly adorable ideas. If you’re handy with the scissors but not up for a total DIY experience, my go-to plan is raiding the dress-up trunk. We save all the kids’ costumes and dress ups and have repurposed a George Washington costume twice now; once as pirate gear (some jagged snips along the pant hem are my signature craft move) and most recently as the bottom half of a Shrek ensemble. If you’re really desperate, go completely old school and give them a sheet, cut out some eyes and instant ghost. If it worked for the characters in Charlie Brown: The Great Pumpkin…
  3. Download some festive music to get in the mood. I dug out an old skeleton decoration, draped it in Mardi Gras beads, and played the soundtrack to Pirates of the Caribbean. 
  4. Still haven’t bought candy? One of the benefits of being a procrastinator with the holidays is the sales. Halloween items have been on clearance for weeks now, probably because stores start carrying them in August. With the money you save, grab some glow sticks and a flashlight or two. Kids love glow sticks and it can help keep them visible on dark sidewalks. See? You’re a rock star, just thinking of safety.


Happy Halloween, PlanHero Nation! Don’t forget to inspect your children’s goody bags for your favorite candy potential hazards.