Now you can set a limit for attendees and if you’re allowing people to bring guests, you can limit how many guests they bring too.


When should I use the Track Attendance feature vs. a Signup List?


Note: The Track Attendance enhancements are only available in the Signup Tool.


  • Use the Track Attendance feature for single date events only
  • Use the Track Attendance feature if you want to limit:
    • How many spots a person can sign up for
    • How many guests a person can bring


  • Use a Signup List if you need:
    • Individual time spots
    • Signups for multiple or recurring dates
    • People to enter something in the Comments Area
    • Sign other people up as the organizer
      • You can sign others up as the organizer when using the Track Attendance feature, but you’ll need to be logged out of your PlanHero™ account. You may also need to use an incognito or private mode browser screen if signing up several other people as the organizer.


Track Attendance: Limit Signups and Guests Too


You’ll find the settings under your Event Settings tab.

track attendance enhancements limit attendees limit guests


Set attendee limit


This is the total number for persons allowed to attend the event.


Allow guests to your event


If you check this box, your attendees will be allowed to bring guests with them.


Set guests limit per invitee


Setting a number here will limit an attendee that number of guests. For example, if it is set to “4”, a person signing up (the attendee) may bring up to four people making the total people attending 1 + 4 = 5.


Allow invitees to see who’s coming to the event


When checked, invitees (or anyone viewing the event/signup) can see who is attending (Name of the attendee plus the number of guests).


view who is attending signup tool track attendance


view who is attending track attendance limit signups


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