Nonprofit Board Management Shouldn’t be Difficult.


With PlanHero’s Club Tool, your nonprofit board will run much more efficiently.


Each of our PlanHero™ team members has served on numerous nonprofit boards. We know we can help boards communicate and run more effectively. We put everything you need in one efficient spot. Board meetings and committee meetings in one convenient dashboard. No more reply-all emails for meeting attendance. Board member contact information all in one place. Upload member photos associated with their contact info for those last-minute pre-meeting memory face/name checks. Schedule events and volunteer opportunities. Start running your board like a well-oiled machine.


Here’s the scoop:



  • Invite members to join your group using their email and name. They can then add their cell phone numbers and skill sets as well.
  • All members can easily see other members’ contact information. Alternatively, if privacy is an issue, a member can choose to make her/his info private. In this case, only the board organizer can see it.

Meetings + Master Calendar


  • Using our Events, you can quickly enter all of your meeting dates for year.
  • Use our Track Attendance feature so that you know if you have a quorum for meetings with important decisions.
  • View all of your meetings, events, and activities on one master calendar.
  • Sync the meetings to your calendar.
  • Eliminate the need for assistants, executive directors, and committee chairs to send out meeting reminders. Free up their time for more productive work for the organization!

Nonprofit board management calendar

Events (Signups) — Need More Volunteers?


  • See all of your events in one place.
    • Multiple dates and locations? No problem.
    • Easily create lists of what you need and rearrange them as needed.
  • Volunteers can sign up for time spots and to bring things with ease. Here’s an example.
  • No need for volunteers to create an account if they don’t want to.
  • Reminders are sent via email and/or texts.
  • No more digging through your inbox to remember what you committed to and when the event is!
  • Sync events to your calendar.
PlanHero Nonprofit Board Management Signup

Collect Money


Tired of chasing people down to collect checks? We were too! You can collect money for any event by simply adding a Collect Money List.


  • Quick, one-time set up with our payment processing partner Stripe. Just connect your nonprofit or personal bank account with an account number and routing number, and you’ll be done in no time.
  • Collect money for anything from board dinners and executive director gifts, to nonprofit logo gear and donations. Fast. Easy. Done.

Organize a PTA PTO or PTC



Skip those painful emails with people hitting reply-all by using our Messaging feature.

  • Message the board
  • Message just the people associated with a specific event

PlanHero Nonprofit board management Messaging

Club Chat


  • Use the Club Chat feature to communicate between members.
  • Example: “Hi all, I just saw this great article on Operating Capital and wanted to share it with the board:”

PlanHero nonprofit board management club chat

Recruit next year’s leaders with ease!


  • After setting everything up this year, next year will be a piece of cake (due to our unique duplicate event feature). With streamlined communication, fewer questions, less hand-holding, and increased efficiency, it will be easier to get next year’s leaders to rise to the occasion!


So get ahead and be the change. Our Club Tool is built for easy and successful group management.


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Need help? Have questions? Contact us! We are ready and willing to dive in.


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