If you’re a recently minted pickleball addict, you’re not alone. Pickleball is the fastest growing sport in America. In fact, it grew nearly 40% between 2019 and 2021. While it was previously dominated by the, ahem, 55 and older crowd, younger players are now adopting it at increasing rate. The good folks over at Pickleheads have loads of stats for you if you’re interested.


I’ve been an avid tennis player all my life, but I’ve had to cut back due to deteriorating knees (I’m four surgeries in). Some friends turned me on to pickleball, and I absolutely love it. It’s fast-paced, it’s easy to have partners of varying abilities, and it’s a good workout. There’s nothing better to me than working out without knowing it!


So how can you easily organize pickleball leagues and groups?


I think we can all agree that group texts and/or group emails are painful. That’s where PlanHero comes in. It’s super easy to create a signup and then just let your pals sign up. They’ll receive reminders that they’re playing, so no-shows will be minimized. If you’re playing in a league against other groups or clubs, you can include the addresses of the other locations. The addresses are connected to Google maps, making finding the location a piece of cake.




If your pickleball group brings refreshments for home matches, you can have people sign up to bring them on the same event page. You can also use PlanHero to organize your end-of-the-season or holiday party!


Here’s an example of a league signup that we created: https://app.planhero.com/gatherings/16640-pickle-ball-league-signup


Now you can spend more time checking out YouTube pickleball strategy videos and less time getting your pickleball group organized!