Want to give your participants a seamless sign up experience?



Now you can with our signup Embed feature.


Available on Professional Plans only, the Embed feature allows you to embed your event/signup in your own website. The signing up process will operate just as it would without the event being embedded in your website. The single exception is that participants will not be able to sync their signups to their Google Calendars directly from the Thank You page (this is dictated by Google). They can, however, sync to Outlook and iCal Calendars. After signing up, PlanHero emails confirmations of signups to all participants. Calendar sync options are available for Outlook, iCal, AND Google Calendars from these email confirmations.


Here is an example of an embedded event on our WordPress website. Feel free to complete a signup — it’s just an example!


Please sign up for our annual potluck!



The embed code can be found in your Event Settings.


PlanHero event settings


Simply copy and paste the code into your own website using an HTML snippet or an embed function. You may need to make adjustments to the screen width (for example, full-width for some website providers) to view the full event/signup.


embed code for PlanHero signups


Coming soon: Embed code for Group Pages


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