Introducing Signup Question Forms


You can easily add basic form questions to any Event (Signup). You can use Question Forms for things like selecting T-shirt sizes for an event, asking for mailing addresses so that you can mail out 501 (C)(3) tax statements at the end of the year, asking how participants heard about the Event, and simple yes or no questions.


We have four different types of Question Form questions: Short Answer; Multiple Choice; Checkboxes; Dropdown.


PlanHero add form list to signup screen


Short Answer Questions:

Use our Short Answer Question when you need your participants to enter a text answer to your question. A good example of this would be asking for a mailing address or your participant’s age.


Multiple Choice Questions:

For Multiple Choice Questions, you’ll want to ask your question(s), then enter multiple options from which participants will select their answer(s).

Participants may only select ONE answer for Multiple Choice Questions.


Checkbox Questions:

For Checkbox Questions, participants may check as many answer options as they wish to. An example Checkbox Question might be, “Please check the areas in which you would like to volunteer with us?”

  • Bookkeeping
  • Front desk
  • In the store
  • Making phone calls
  • Social media
  • Working directly with clients


Dropdown Questions:

Dropdown Questions are similar to Multiple Choice Questions, in that the participant may only select ONE answer. The Dropdown format comes in handy when you have a long list of answers/choices, but you do not want a huge long list displayed on your Event/Signup Page.  A good example in which a Dropdown Question would be best is T-shirt size selection. If you need to list size for males from XXS to XXL and for females from XXS to XXL, that’s 14 different options. To keep your Event/Signup from looking cluttered, the Dropdown Question would be the best choice.


Can I make answering a Form List Question mandatory?


Yes, absolutely! By clicking the Mandatory button next to your Form List Question, participants are required to fill-in/answer the question before they can confirm their signup.


Can I make individual Form List Questions Private?


Yes and no. We know that you may be asking some personal questions that most people would not care to share with the public. In addition, we know that nobody wants to scroll down a seemingly interminable list of answers to complete their signup. For this reason, all answers to Form List Questions are only visible to the participant and to the Event/Signup organizers and co-organizers.


Where will I find answers to the Form List Questions from my participants?


Two places. You will find answers to your Form List Questions in your Signups tab and also in any CSV report that you download.


Can I have a Form List on each date (and location) of my Event/Signup?


Nope. Form Lists are per Event/Signup, meaning only one Form List is allowed per Event/Signup. So for example, if a person signs up to volunteer on both Saturday and Sunday, s/he will only fill out the Form List questions once (e.g. T-shirt size).