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Make your life easier with PlanHero signups and group page

Get started for free

No credit card needed

Let PlanHero take the stress out of organizing groups and gatherings at your church.

All the details. All in one place. No searching necessary.

People can see who is attending

People like to see who else is attending or volunteering. With PlanHero signups, you have the option of making everything visible creating FOMO.

No ads. Ever.

Having ads on your signups and reminder emails can be confusing to members and can conflict with your church’s messaging and ethos.


Reminders are sent out automatically. Lose the irritating reply-all emails and the annoying string of group texts.

Simple set-up

Super easy to set up. Designed the way we think.

Auto updates

You receive alerts if people change what they’re bringing or how many peeps are coming.

Easy on the budget

We keep our pricing low to make it easy on the budget. With our annual plans, you get two months for free. Check it out for yourself here.

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