State-by-State Summer Camp Finder - US Summer CampsPlanHero™ is dedicated to making time for what matters. Want to send your kids to summer camp but don’t know where to start? Short on time? Pour yourself a cup of coffee (or a glass of wine if you’re panicking about how summer is suddenly right around the corner) and take a moment to relax; we’ve got your back! We’ve compiled a state-by-state guide to US summer camps, as well as links at the end for international summer camps and outside-the-box categories. We’ve updated our 2019 list and added some new resources as well as a new category for camps servicing individuals with special needs. As always, if you have a great tip on a summer camp, send it our way! Happy camping!





The Best of Alabama’s Summer Camps, 2019.



Alaska Parent Magazine’s Summer Camps Guide 2019



Raising Arizona Kids Magazine’s updated 2019 list



Best Wilderness Camps in Arkansas, 2019

Best Arkansas Summer Camp Guide 2019



Kids Camps has the most comprehensive list we could find of camps throughout the state. It’s huge!

Moms L.A.’s list of best sleep-away camps

510 Families’ 2019 overnight camp guide with links in post to overnight camps



Colorado Kids’ 2019 summer guide



Connecticut Parent Magazine’s List of Day, Night, and Specialized Camps for 2019



Delaware Today’s Complete 2019 Summer Camp Guide



Summer Camps’ complete list of Florida camps – with handy ways to search by camp types.

Florida Overnight Summer Camps, 2019

Travel Channel’s List of the Best Florida Summer Camps



Summer Camp’s list of Georgia camps

Georgia Family’s 2019 Residential Camp Guide



Honolulu Family’s 2019 guide

Kids Camps’ 2019 Summer Camp Guide



Teton Family Magazine’s 2019 Summer Camp Guide



Camp Channel’s 2019 Summer Camp List

Chicago Magazine’s 2019 Summer Camp List



Indianapolis Moms Blog’s Ultimate Guide to Indianapolis Area Summer Camps, updated for 2019

Indy Star’s List of the 25 Best Summer Camps in Central Indiana



Best Iowa Summer Camps

Des Moines Parent’s 2019 Camp Guide



Kansas City Mom’s Blog List of 2019 Area Camps

Best Summer Camps’ 2019 List for Kansas



Lex Fun 4 Kids’ Summer Camp Guide



Summer Camp’s statewide camp list 

New Orleans Moms Blog’s 2019 list



Maine Summer Camps’ Complete List



Baltimore Magazine’s 2019 Summer Camp Guide



Boston Mama’s Summer Camp Guide, Updated for 2019

Mass Camp’s 2019 New England Summer Camp Guide



Metro Parent’s List of Best Outdoor and Overnight Camps, updated for 2019



Minnesota Parents’ 2019 Summer Camp Guide, updated



Kids Camps’ Updated Guide to Mississippi Summer Camps



Camp Channel’s Summer Camp Guide



Montana Parent’s Camp and Activity Finder



Omaha Mom’s Blog 2019 Ultimate Guide to Summer Camps in Omaha and the Surrounding Areas



Reno and Tahoe area camps

Las Vegas area summer camps


New Hampshire:

Parenting New Hampshire’s List of Summer Camps and Programs


New Jersey:

New Jersey Kids Online 2019 Summer Camp Guide

Mommy Poppins 2019 New Jersey Summer Day Camp Guide


New Mexico:

Albuquerque City Mom’s Camp Guide

Summer Camps’ New Mexico Guide


New York:

New York Family Magazine’s Ultimate Guide to 2019 Summer Camps

Mommy Poppins’ Guide to NYC Camps, 2019

STEAM Camp – In person and/or virtual


North Carolina:

Carolina Parent’s 2019 Camp Directory


North Dakota:

The Camp Channel’s Guide to North Dakota Summer Camps



Kids Camps’ Statewide Summer Camp Guide



Oklahoma City Moms Blog Guide to Camps

A statewide list of summer camps



PDX Parent’s Guide for 2019 Camps

Oregon Gear Up’s Summer Program Guide

NW Kids Magazine 2019 Summer Camp Guide



Central Penn Parent’s Summer Camp Guide, updated for 2019

Kids Camp Statewide Summer Camp Guide


Rhode Island:

Rhode Island Monthly’s 2019 Summer Camp Guide


South Carolina:

Sciway’s Summer Camp Guide


South Dakota:

Best South Dakota Camps 2019 Directory



Nashville Moms Blog’s List of Summer Camps, 2019

A statewide guide to camps



The Dallas Moms Blog’s List of Summer Camps

Houston Moms Blog 2019 Ultimate Guide to Summer Camps 

A statewide list of all summer camps



Kids Out and About’s List of Salt Lake City Area Camps, updated for 2019



Vermont Kids’ Summer Camp Guide



Posh Seven’s List of Best Summer Camps in Northern Virginia

Richmond Family Magazine’s Summer Camp Finder



Seattle’s Child’s Guide to Summer Camps and Activities

A statewide list of summer camps


West Virginia:

The Herald Dispatch’s Guide to Summer Camps, 2019

The Camp Channel’s Statewide List of Summer Camps



Wisconsin Online’s Guide to Summer Camps



Best Summer Camp’s Guide to Wyoming camps, 2019



Money Jojo’s List of the Best 17 International Summer Camps


Most unique summer camps:

She Knows has compiled a list of the most unique summer camps around – these aren’t your mom’s summer camps!

Parents Magazine’s Best Types of Summer Camps for Every Kid A great list of unusual and unique camps across the country.


Comprehensive List of Special Needs Camps:

Very Special Camps is a wonderful resource for camps and programs for individuals with special needs. You can search based on specific need as well as state-by-state locations for camp opportunities.

Very Well Health offers a directory of camps in the Northeastern United States for camps serving children on the autism spectrum.

Best Special Needs Camp Directory offers a state-by-state guide of camps servicing individuals with special needs.