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Organize all your groups.

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Seriously simple group organizing. No capes required.

We make group organizing easy for mere mortals. Get online signups for volunteer activities, school activities, faith groups, corporate outreach, and appointments. Manage sports teams and service clubs without the headaches. Reminders are sent automatically…say goodbye to those annoying reply-all emails and texts.


Organize online signups with multiple or recurring dates, time spots and locations. Think volunteer scheduling, donation collection, and special event planning.
  • event schedule
  • online signups for things to bring
  • auto-reminders via email/text
  • user can sync signup to calendar
  • collect money


Organize signups for corporate outreach, employee satisfaction and social impact initiatives. Get signups for interviews or appointments and get paid in-app.
  • recurring date and multiple location options
  • easily add a time gap in-between meetings
  • minimize no-shows with auto-reminders via email/text
  • organizer can sync events to calendar
  • user can sync signup to calendar
  • collect money

Faith Groups

Easily create 24-hour prayer, church potluck, and outreach ministry signups.
  • easy set-up and easy sign up for all ages
  • color coded with green and red to show open spots
  • auto-reminders via email/text
  • simple signing up others who call in
  • things to bring plus volunteer time spots all in one signup
  • user can sync signup to calendar
  • collect money


Powerful tool for numerous school applications: Think jog-a-thon, school fundraisers, parent teacher conferences, grad night, admissions tours, and sports teams.
  • signups look great on any device – nothing to download
  • no ads to clutter the signup or damage your reputation
  • multiple dates and multiple locations? no problem
  • set limits for participant signups
  • auto-reminders via email/text
  • collect money

Service and Youth Clubs

We’ve made it much easier to be a group leader. Organize your club/group meetings and events with ease.
  • meeting schedules/events all in one place
  • auto-reminders via email/text
  • online signups for volunteer time spots
  • organizer can sync events to calendar
  • user can sync signup to calendar
  • collect money


Organize your sports teams fast and efficiently.
  • set game & practice schedules
  • online signups for volunteer duties and team dinners
  • auto-reminders via email/text
  • group messaging for all team members
  • user can sync signup to calendar
  • collect money

Easy set up. Easy sign up.

We get it. You are always pressed for time. But you said yes again. We think you’re a hero.   Now let PlanHero® come to your rescue. We make saying yes to organizing groups easier and more efficient.   When group organizing is easy, you have more time for the important stuff.

How it works

Simple, clean interface gets you up and rolling fast.

Select your plan

Select the right plan to organize your group. PS – we have no ads on our signups!

Set it up

Enter details quickly and intuitively – PlanHero® is designed by people just like you. We’ve been there.

Launch it!

Emails and texts are sent automatically so signup and information sharing is quick and painless.

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Easy. Honest. Affordable.

We're here to make life easy. Not confusing.

Free or a couple of lattes a month

Try our free plan or pay monthly or annually. Recipients pay nothing.

No ads

PlanHero has no distracting ads on its signups or email notifications that can damage your image.


We’re happy to send you an email the day before we charge your card.

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