With a new semester in full swing, simplifying your group organizing process can save you a ton of time. Easily balance your social schedule and club commitments using PlanHero this school year. Our Signup and Club Tools streamline group organizing, saving you time to get outside, explore the area, or grab a beer with your friends after class! 


In this post, we provide examples for how to organize your groups in college using our Signup Tool. Each includes an example signup, illustrating how you can organize a common college club, community outreach, or Greek life event with ease using PlanHero.



1. Bake Sales


Bake sales are a campus classic for a reason! They are fun for participants, easy to organize, and raise money for a great cause. If you’re planning a bake sale this semester, let our Signup Tool do the heavy lifting.


With our Signup Tool, you can create multiple signup lists on one page. You can create a list with time spots for your volunteers and offer a simple signup list for people who want to donate baked goods, allowing you to plan and execute your fundraiser in a fraction of the time! You can even ask them to write what they’re bringing in the Comments field so that you have a nice variety to offer.


Here’s an example of a bake sale signup!


Your invitees can choose whether to give their time or provide baked goods, enabling them to participate in a way that works for their schedule. This helps increase participation, ensuring your fundraiser will go off without a hitch!


In addition, our Signup Tool sends automated reminders 1-5 days and/or 1-5 hours before your event! This way, if someone forgot they signed up, they’ll have plenty of time to run to the store and buy cookies before the event, and you won’t have to worry about having enough goodies to go around!



2. Carpools for Off-Campus Volunteering


Volunteering in college is a great way to connect with your community. In college, I volunteered at a local middle school once a week, where I got to know students in my area. To get to the school, like many other community outreach events in college, we needed to plan carpools. Figuring out who could drive, and who would go in which car, could be time consuming. If you’re volunteering off campus this semester, consider using PlanHero to organize your carpool groups and save time!


With our Signup Tool, you can easily tailor your carpools to your organization’s needs. If you have 20 volunteers, you can create signup lists for four cars. If you have 60 volunteers, you can create signup lists for 12 cars. This ensures that everyone has a ride to your outreach event, without requiring hours of group coordination on your part! All you have to do is share the signup with your club. Then, members can sign up from their personal devices from anywhere at any time.


You can also repeat your signup list to save even more time. If you volunteer once a week, you can gather carpool sign ups each week on the same page. If your event takes place multiple days in one week, you can opt to repeat it throughout that week, offering carpool sign ups for each day.


Here’s an example of a carpool signup!


Pro tip – ask your drivers to share their pickup location in the comments. This way, people who need a ride can sign up to go in the car nearest to their dorm or apartment!



3. Philanthropy Events


Planning a philanthropy or fundraising event that’s a little more time consuming than a bake sale? We’ve got you covered.


From organizing a car wash to raffling off baskets, you can use our Signup Tool to seamlessly fundraise for your organization. You can gather sign ups for everything from volunteers to supplies and raffle items.


For volunteers, you can use a list with time spots to gather signups. Breaking up larger fundraising events into smaller volunteer time spots encourages participation because it allows members to donate their time AND enjoy the event themselves! We recommend shorter time spots – anywhere from 30 minutes to two hours depending on the length of your event – to increase participation.


Here’s an example of a car wash volunteer signup!


For gathering raffle items, you can use a Simple Signup List to gather item donations. You can also offer a Collect Money List, allowing members to choose whether they want to donate an item or donate money for a gift card. Signups can also be made private, ensuring members do not feel pressure to donate if they are unable to. 


Here’s an example of a raffle signup!



4. Merchandise Sales


Repping your organization’s merchandise on campus is the best feeling! You get to show your pride, connect with fellow members, and represent your organization on campus. It’s also a great way to create interest when recruiting new members.


Selling merchandise, on the other hand, can get stressful. You need to gather payments, order forms, and contact information – oh my!


Our Signup Tool allows you to gather all of this information on one form – including payment! You can do this using a Collect Money List. You can create a Collect Money List for each item of merchandise, and offer spots for each available size. Then, input the price of each item. When  your members sign up for the item and size they’d like, their payment becomes part of the ordering process. You’ll never have to worry about tracking people down to complete unfulfilled Venmo requests again!


Here’s an example of a merchandise order form!


You can also attach a link to a PDF with images of your merchandise. This makes it easy for interested members to choose what items they want to order!



5. Bonding Events


Bonding events are a critical part of any campus club or organization. They foster a sense of belonging and allow members to forge long lasting friendships. They can also help your group work better as a team!


If you need some inspiration for your bonding events, consider hosting a picnic potluck, wine night, or viewing party. You can stream the Bachelor or Bachelorette together, watch a football game, or hold a viewing party for a new movie or awards show! Viewing parties, wine nights, and potlucks are a fun way to share a new experience together and create camaraderie!


Here is an example of a potluck bonding event signup!


Ready to start creating signups? Try out our Signup Tool with our 30-day free trial! No credit card is necessary to get started.