This week, we spoke with our friends at the Church Communications podcast about Adopt-A-Family initiatives to engage your congregation.


Adopt-A-Family initiatives are a great way to support the needs of children and families in our communities. They’re also easy to tailor to your own congregation’s needs, allowing members to participate in a multitude of ways.


In the summer months, your congregation can create an Adopt-A-Family signup to collect money to send children to camp. You can also gather fun activities, like slip and slides or spikeball, to keep children entertained and encourage them to spend time outside while school is out of session! Pro tip – leave lawn darts off your list! They’re a hazard!



In the fall, you can support families with back to school Adopt-A-Family signups, gathering school supplies for all ages. In the winter, you can create Christmas Adopt-A-Family lists, collecting coats, clothing, and gifts! 


Check out an example of a Christmas Adopt-A-Family signup here!



Our Signup Tool allows you to flex to the needs of your own congregation, helping encourage participation from more people. Interested congregants can sign up to donate individual items, or they can sign up to donate supplies for an entire family – whatever fits into their budget! Our privacy setting ensures their participation remains confidential.


To learn more, and get inspired for your own Adopt-A-Family signups for any season, check out the episode below!



Have you ever participated in an Adopt-A-Family Initiative? Leave a comment below telling us about it!


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