A set of clothes to harmonize when worn together.

A group viewed as a whole rather than individually.

What began as one gal’s determination to assist with immediate daily basics grew into a sanctuary for those displaced. For anyone who were served, volunteered or collected for loved ones at Ensemble, we’re sure you will agree that the unique collection of designer clothing for all ages, high-end skincare, and white glove service tucked away in the Victoria Court was an oasis from a dark reality.


Nikki Vyn’s wish to contribute to those affected could never have crystallized into the “little pop-up that could,” without the outpouring of support from the biggest little community on Earth. This temporary boutique made an enormous impact on those displaced or greatly affected by the Thomas disaster.


But now, after serving for six weeks, the sun must set on Ensemble.


None of this good work would have been possible without the devotion of time, talents and material gifts from our partnering vendors and volunteers, (please see below for what we HOPE is a comprehensive list of the many names we were able to capture).


Every act of kindness needs to be acknowledged, our sincerest apologies to anyone left out. Should you find a name that was not mentioned, please let us know.

Thank you again. It was truly an honor to serve our neighbors and friends in a time of need.


Your Ensemble crew, Nikki Vyn, Kimberly Vyn, Sheila Caldwell & Shelley Schulte, thank you.



Ace Rivington

Adam Geeb

Adam Nagler 

Aly Vyn

Andrea Hutton

Angela Wurtzel

Angie Bertucci

Anna Prober

Anne-Marie Matthews

Annie Leaver

Ashley Farrell

Athena Roebuck

Audrey Nagziger

Audrey Swanson 

Balance Financial Management

Bari Iris


Bikini Factory

Bob Casey

Bonita Boutique

Bonnie Donovan

Born Shoes 

Brandi Melville 

Candace Melgoza Cavaletto 

Cara Ferrick

Carly Barnes

Carol Rafferty 

Catherine Pickett 

Catherine Remy

Chris Archer 

Christina Coleman

Christy Martin

Clare Swan

Colleen Sitolini


D. Kate Benson

Dana Seltzer

Dan Ferrick

Diana Pereira

Derek Galkin

Devon McLennan

Diani Boutique 

Disha Mattive

Don Mcgreevy

Doreen Sales

El Encanto 

Elisa Drelie Gelasca


Eric Greenspan 

Fay Doe

Felicia Archer

Fernanda Friden 

Friends from the Palisades

Gabriella Frederick

Georgia Zeavin

Glen Holden

Goleta Storage

Hannah Parish

Hazelwood Movers

Heather Ekeler

Hillary Kleger 

Hotel Californian 

Hotel Californian Valet

Impact Hub

Indian Summer

Jamie Flint

Janna Price

Jennie Strait

Jenny Prince

Jill Cockell

Jim Crane

Jill Crang

Jim Knell

Joanne Bolduc 

John Heron

Joie Horton

Jordan Price

Joy Nelson

Julie Danley 

Julie Farrell

Julie Tomlinson

Karine Anderson

Kathleen Remy

Kim Lipp

LA Lassek

Lala Lauren

Laura Wyatt

Layna Larson

Leah Salinas

Leslie Burdick

Lety Schaeffer 

Lexi Kern

Lisa Maglione

Luisa Hyatt

Lydia Swanson 

Marcy Wimbish

Maria Westmacott 

Marlen Valencia 

Marti Armstrong

Meredith Rogers

Micheal Neville 

Michelle Berman

Michelle Isom

Michelle Kowalewski

Michelle Niemela

Mindy Horwitz 


Mothersun and the Captain


Necia Cardona 



Peggy Puentes

Ramye Elliot

Raquel Lagan

Rudi Schulte Family Foundation 

Sarah Farmer

Seavees Shoes

Shawna Robbins

SIMA Realty Company

Staci Rubin

Summers McKay

Surf N’ Wear’s Beach House

Tammi Fulmer

The Renga’s

Tom Parker

Tracy Bollag

Trader Joes

Ty Smith


Valerie Anne Burns

Valerie Villa

Vera Young

Vionic Shoes

Wendy Foster

Zen Spa


Located at 1233 State Street, Suite A (we are in Victoria Court, upstairs behind Olio e Limone). 


Contact person: Sheila Caldwell–shecaldwell@gmail.com


Our Ensemble´Pop-Up Shop is dedicated to helping displaced persons from the Montecito Mudslide and Thomas Fire find clothes to wear during this difficult period.


Local vendors and wonderful community neighbors have donated NEW apparel to our little boutique. Displaced persons can come in and “shop” for what they need at no charge.


We are not accepting additional clothing donations at this time, but please watch this space as we will update when needed.


The great peeps at Impact Hub have graciously agreed to umbrella us under their B corp status.


Our “employees” are all community volunteers.

Can you sign up for a shift?

If so, just use the signup pages below. Thanks!


Week of February 3 – February 9



Saturday: noon to 4:00 pm

Sunday and Monday: Closed

Tuesday – Friday: 11:00 am – 1:00 pm AND 5:00 pm – 7:00 pm


Week of January 27 – February 2



Saturday: noon to 5:00 pm

Sunday and Monday: Closed

Tuesday – Friday: 11:00 am – 7:00 pm


Week of January 20 – 26:



Everyday: 11:00 am – 7:00 pm


Many, many thanks to our vendors, our donors, and our volunteers…it takes a village.

Team Ensemble´| Nikki Vyn | Kimberly Vyn | Sheila Caldwell | Shelley Schulte



Partial list of fab vendors and donors:

Seavees Shoes

Vionic Shoes

Surf N’ Wear’s Beach House


Schulte Family Foundation

Diani Boutique

SIMA Realty Company (for providing our fabulous shop space)



Other resources:


Red Cross (pick up a $50 coupon to use for shopping at the Assistance League of Santa Barbara Thrift Shop…they have great things too)


Assistance League of Santa Barbara Thrift Shop (donate gently used clothing and household items here)


Visit our Facebook Page for further updates: