Finding volunteer opportunities in your community is a great way to get involved, meet new people, and support worthwhile social causes. If you’re searching for a new volunteer opportunity, your community offers an invaluable resource for finding something aligned with your interests, skillset, and availability. In this post, we’ve compiled a list of places you can go in your own community to find ways to give back.



Faith Organizations


Faith organizations facilitate a wealth of volunteering and community service opportunities. Reach out to your congregation’s main office to learn more about their community outreach efforts. Many congregations prepare and serve meals at local food pantries, deliver meals, and support local nonprofits.



Local Nonprofit Matchmaking Websites


Every city or state has a website that can help you find volunteer opportunities. Local or state governments operate these websites, which share volunteer opportunities based on your location. Some examples of local nonprofit matchmaking websites include Spark the Change Colorado, NYC Service, and California Volunteers. You can find your state’s website by searching the name of your state and the word “service” or “volunteer.”



Alumni Associations


Alumni Associations offer a variety of volunteer opportunities, allowing you to give back to your school and support current students. You can volunteer one time, providing support at career fairs or facilitating a mock interview. You can also opt to make an ongoing commitment as a mentor to a current student. To learn about your school’s specific volunteer opportunities, visit your Alumni Association’s website.





Schools often need volunteers to help out during events, facilitate food or clothing drives, and provide extra support in the office and/or classroom. To get involved and support education in your community, reach out to your school’s main office or volunteer coordinator to find out where they need support. 




Soup Kitchens


Soup kitchens provide meals to individuals experiencing homelessness. They often need volunteers to help prepare and serve food each day. Volunteering at a local soup kitchen allows you to provide meals to neighbors in need, directly impacting the wellbeing of your community.




Food Banks


Volunteers are an essential part of food bank operations. They assist with a variety of tasks, including sorting and repackaging food, delivering food to partners, and helping with off-site events and food collections. Visit your local food bank’s website to get involved. You can find a local food bank through Feeding America.



Mentoring Programs


Mentoring programs are a great way to support youth populations in our communities. Mentors form strong one-on-one relationships with mentees, empowering young people to thrive. You can get involved through Big Brothers Big Sisters of America, or through a local agency.



Homeless Shelters


Homeless shelters often need volunteers to help prepare meals, assist with drop-ins, and organize donation drives. Volunteering at a local homeless shelter offers flexibility, allowing you to care for and uplift neighbors who are experiencing homelessness in a way that works with your abilities and schedule. To find ways to get involved in your own community, visit your local homeless shelter’s website.





Local libraries offer a variety of flexible opportunities for volunteering. This often includes shelving books, sorting through donations, and facilitating youth programs. Libraries also offer flexible hours, allowing volunteers to give their time in a way that works within their schedule.




Nursing Homes


At nursing homes, volunteers support programming, organize outings, and spend time with residents. Volunteering at a nursing home allows you to form relationships with seniors in your community. It also helps provide seniors with fun opportunities for engagement. If you’re a social butterfly, volunteering at a nursing home is a great way to support your community.






Volunteering at a local hospital allows you to build new skills, form relationships, and support critical care efforts. Volunteers work with patients and their families to create a warm, welcoming environment during treatment and care. They provide a smiling face, offering comfort and support to patients and their families. Visit your local hospital’s volunteer page to learn about their specific volunteer needs.




The American Red Cross


There are a multitude of ways to support your community through the American Red Cross. If you are willing and able to donate blood, you can find a local blood drive here. Simply type in your ZIP code, and the American Red Cross supplies a list of nearby blood drive locations. Additionally, you can apply to host a blood drive at your school, office, or congregation.



Habitat for Humanity


Habitat for Humanity partners with local residents to create decent and affordable housing. You can get involved by donating to your local Habitat for Humanity. Also, you can choose to invest your time in a building project. If you’re skilled in construction, or are passionate about affordable housing for all, participating with your local Habitat for Humanity is an awesome way to support families and forge relationships in your community.



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