When you’re busy organizing school activities, faith activities, nonprofit volunteers, or employee events, sometimes you need to collect phone numbers as well as names and email addresses.


With a simple check box in your Event Settings, you can require that users enter their phone numbers along with their names and emails addresses when they confirm their signups.


Does this apply to all Tools?



Should you always make phone numbers mandatory?


We don’t think so. If you don’t have a real need for the phone number, then don’t check the box. Why? If you’re dealing with a group of volunteers or people with whom you’re not particularly familiar (and they are not familiar with you), asking for the phone number may be a barrier to signing up. Bad actors in the digital world have made many of us sensitive about giving out personal information. So our philosophy is: If you need it, ask for it. If you don’t, don’t ask for it.


Where will I find the phone numbers after people have entered them?


You can find them in two places:


  • Under the INVITEES TAB next to the person’s name


Mandatory Phone Numbers 1 PlanHero Signup


  • Under the DOWNLOADS icon in the CSV download


Mandatory Phone Number Downloads CSV Planhero Signups