We want to make it as easy as possible for you to organize volunteers and get signups for all of those great activities you’re involved in. Our Signup Tool is the online signup app that will help make your event a success in the most efficient way possible. Plus there are NO ads on your dashboard, nor on signups, nor  email confirmations, nor email reminders!

PS – No need to download an app. All of our tools work great on any device. You can add a shortcut to your mobile screen for quick access. Click here to learn how. 


Here are a few of our favorite applications:


1. Organize the Book Fair

It’s a big job. If you’re like most schools, your book fair runs for a couple of days. Maybe you do Doughnuts with Dad on the opening morning, and then you keep it open throughout the week. Use our Signup Tool to create a single signup that covers all of the volunteer efforts to make this Book Fair the best one yet. Multiple days with lots of volunteer time spots, plus things to bring can all be covered quickly and easily. Auto-reminders via email or text? Of course. Now grab a great book and relax!


2. Get Snacks for Sports Team

Although we recommend our Team Tool for organizing sports teams, sometimes that’s more than what you need. If you’re just in charge of coordinating snacks for the games, give our Signup Tool a whirl. You can enter the date for each game, along with its location (linked to Google Maps), and then add a signup opportunity for snacks. A little upfront time pre-season will save you loads of time throughout the season!


3. Organize Festivals and/or Parades

We live in a relatively small town. Different locales host parades for everything from 4th of July to Summer Solstice, and festivals from the Greek Festival to an acclaimed Film Festival. Parades and festivals mean volunteers. Lots of volunteers. Use our Signup Tool to deftly cover all the stations for multi-day events that require numerous time spots for all the tasks. It’s easy to pull together for you, and it’s simple for volunteers to dive in and sign up.


4. Run the Jog-a-thon [Jogathon]

Yeah. We said it. Jogathon. When we were little, it was a walk-a-thon, but maybe we were a little slow. Jog-a-thons need volunteers to get sponsors, to pin numbers on t-shirts, to hand-out water, to manage traffic, to route kids on, to help the little ones figure out where to go, and to provide sustenance for the little athletes. Our Signup Tool will help you organize this event in a sprint rather than a marathon.


5. Organize Community Efforts Like Trash Pick-Up and Beautification Days

Are you part of a Rotary International Club that does wonderful things for our communities? Don’t be afraid to raise your hand to organize a community volunteer event. Our Signup Tool is designed to easily handle things like signing up and reminding volunteers for quarterly or monthly beautification or track pick-up efforts.


6. Organize Meals on Wheels

Life can get pretty tough as we age – especially if you’re doing it in isolation. Meals on Wheels is a wonderful national organization that provides meals, companionship, and check-ins for homebound seniors across the country. Raise your hand and commit to organizing Meal on Wheels in your community. Our Signup Tool can help you get volunteers to pack meals, to deliver meals, and to say hello to lonely homebound seniors. Copy the link to your signup and paste it to a post on Facebook to encourage more friends to jump in and help out. Here’s our example signup for Meals on Wheels.


7. Get Volunteers for Worship Service Coffee Hour + Altar Flowers

Did you sign up to organize church/temple coffee hour or perhaps manage the weekly altar flowers? Bless you. There are many metaphorical references to sheep and flocks in the good books, but let’s face it, herding your fellow worshipers is a little more like herding cats. Use the RECURRING DATE feature in our Signup Tool to get sign ups for each Sunday or Saturday. The Tool will automatically send reminders a day or two and an hour or two before the assigned date to remind your volunteers…leaving you more time for other good works.


8. Plan the Family Reunion or Gathering

One of my favorite sayings goes something like, “Every family has a nut. If you don’t think your family has one, it’s probably you.” If you’re in charge of planning the annual family gathering or a big family reunion, let the Signup Tool guard you against the wrath of the nut. You can set-up signups for each event at different locations (along with Google Maps for directions). That way everyone has the same information and they can choose the activities in which they wish to participate. You’ll know the headcount, and we’ll handle the auto-reminders.


9. Manage Auditions for Dance and School Plays

Do you have a set of auditions coming up? Use our Signup Tool to create time spots at your various audition locations so that prospective performers can sign up for auditions. You’ll know who’s coming when, and they’ll receive automatic reminders via email or text.



10. Organize Meals for a Friend in Need

We all wish good health to others, but sadly, sometimes our friends or family find themselves in need of help. There are few things better than a home cooked meal brought to your door when you’re too ill or too bereft or too busy (with a new baby) to cook for yourself. The Signup Tool can help you swiftly set-up a meal train to aid in your pal’s recovery. When you create your signup, just add the dates (recurring or multiple) for which you need a volunteer to sign up for the meal train. People want to help friends in need, so signups shouldn’t be hard to come by. Remember that reminders will be sent automatically and we’re connected to Google Maps, so we’ll  minimize the time commitment for yourself. Check out our example here.


Did we say Top 10?!  Here’s a bonus idea:


11. Organize a School Carnival

My sisters and I still get that childish sparkle in our eyes when we reminisce about our elementary school carnival at Liberty School in Salem, Oregon. We couldn’t wait for it! There were all kinds of booths and games…I think our collective favorite was the Cake Walk. And now that I really think about it, I think our mother was the fortune teller. Despite having three blonde daughters, she has jet black hair and brown eyes and could carry off an exotic look like nobody’s business. Our sons’ elementary school holds an annual Halloween carnival that will likely have the same impact on them in their later years. Here’s an example of a school carnival signup to help you get started.


What about you? Have any unique uses for the Signup Tool?