In today’s episode of the Church Communications Podcast, A Simple Service Opportunity That Can Make a Lasting Impact, we spoke about the importance of meal delivery services and discussed strategies to effectively plan meal deliveries in your own congregation.



Why We Deliver Meals


During both jubilations and tribulations, there is nothing more meaningful than receiving a home cooked meal. At moments of transition or difficulty, it can be hard to find the time to plan meals, grocery shop, and cook for our families. During these periods, our communities can step in to ease the burden with meal deliveries, providing home-made dishes to neighbors, friends, and fellow congregants. 




Planning Your Meal Delivery


There are a lot of factors organizers must account for when planning a meal delivery, including dietary restrictions, meal times, and the family’s size and needs. Our Signup Tool allows organizers to quickly arrange meal delivery services, while accounting for their recipient’s preferences, dietary restrictions, and availability. 


For example, our Signup Tool allows you to easily set up specific start and end times for your delivery service. This feature ensures your participants know when, and where, to deliver prepared meals. Organizers can also use our recurring feature to repeat their event. You can repeat your event everyday or every other day until a set end date, helping you launch your signup quickly.


When serving a family with a food allergy or dietary restriction, you can opt to include this information, and a link to recipes, in your Event Description. This helps participants find meals to make which align with the family’s dietary needs, allowing invitees to participate with confidence. It also ensures the family receives meals that they can safely enjoy!


If you’re worried about participants forgetting to deliver their meal, our Signup Tool also sends up to two automated reminders to your participants. You can set these reminders for a few days and/or a few hours before the meal delivery time. These reminders ensure participants have enough time to make a meal should they forget. 


Helpful Signup Tool Features


Collect phone numbers from participants with our Signup Tool. This way, you can easily reach out to participants should anything arise on the day of their delivery.


If you have older congregants who want to participate, but are not tech savvy, our Signup Tool allows you to sign up on their behalf. Simply select “Sign Up” and choose “Someone Else.” All you have to do is provide their information, and they will receive a confirmation email.


To learn more strategies for planning a meal delivery service in your own community, check out the episode, A Simple Service Opportunity That Can Make a Lasting Impact, below!



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