We are so excited to transition our current customers from PlanHero 1.0 to PlanHero 2.0!


Initially, we planned to be able to import your events from PlanHero 1.0 to PlanHero 2.0. As our development progressed, however, we realized what significant improvements we could make if we did not tie ourselves to the portability of existing events. So as a result, we lost the portability in order to produce a much superior product.


Below, please find answers to many of the questions you may have:


  • Can I use my same 1.0 log in for 2.0? 
    • For 2.0, you will need to create a NEW account, but you can use your same email address and password to create it. You will also want to ACTIVATE it by clicking on the Activate button in our Activation Email. Create an account here.
  • Do my current 1.0 events/signups transfer over to 2.0? 
    • No, they do not. We added so many new features and refinements that we could not retain backwards compatibility. That said, our team will be happy to help you re-create your events in 2.0. In addition, we recommend downloading any CSV file information that you want to retain for your records from previous events (here’s how).


  • What are the differences between PlanHero 1.0 and PlanHero 2.0?
    • The list of new features and refinements is a long one! You may view them here.
    • Previously, we offered PlanHero Tools: Gatherings Tool, Signup Tool, Club Tool, and Team Tool. Now, we simply offer PlanHero with pricing based on your needs.
    • You can use “Groups” to create separate teams, chapters, clubs, departments, small groups, etc. in your organization. Each group can have its own separate Public Group Page listing all of the Group’s events/signups.
    • We did not include the “Track Attendance” feature in PlanHero 2.0. Instead, we recommend using a Simple Signup List.
    • We made big improvements in how both organizers and participants can sign themselves up, sign someone else up, and edit or delete signups. View them here.   And here.


  • Will there be banner advertisements on my PlanHero events/signups, emails, or dashboard?
    • No, there will not!
  • Is there a free subscription option?
    • Yes, there is. We offer a free plan (no ads) with a powerful set of features. Free plan subscribers are limited to:
      • No more three events/signups total
      • No more than one active event/signup at a time
      • An event/signup may not span greater than one calendar month


  • Do I have to switch from PlanHero 1.0 to PlanHero 2.0?
    • No, not yet, but eventually you will need to. We will no longer be making any improvements to PlanHero 1.0. We will also be retiring it before the end of 2023.