Do you need a printout of all of your signups and you’re wondering how to print a signup report? It’s easy!


We’ve upgraded our handy DOWNLOADS feature that includes both signups and your attendance list (if it applies). You can download either a printable PDF report, or you can download a CSV file for spreadsheet use. (If you’d rather watch a short How to Download a Report video, scroll to the bottom of the page)



How to access your PDF and CSV event signup and attendance reports:


For Gatherings Tool, Signup Tool, and Events in the Team Tool and Club Tool:


On your DESKTOP dashboard, just click on the DOWNLOADS tab.




For Events with multiple dates and/or locations, you can either download a PDF containing all signups for all dates/locations, or you can download an individual PDF for each date/location combination. Click on one or all to download the reports you need.


PlanHero Download Signup Reports for Printing



On your MOBILE dashboard, you’ll see only the download icon. Click that to access the signup report downloads.

PlanHero Download Signup Report Mobile


The first section of the report reflects the signups:


  • If no spots are filled, the background is green.
  • If some spots are filled, the background is yellow.
  • If all spots are filled, the background is clear (white).


PlanHero PDF Report Color Coding


Example of the Simple Signup List portion of the above PDF:


PlanHero Simple List Signup PDF


The second section reflects the Attendance List. This will be populated ONLY if you are Tracking Attendance (Event Setting). This is effectively an RSVP for the event.




CSV signup download


Alternatively, you can download a CSV file for your event. In it, you will find all of the pertinent information associated with your event.


PlanHero CSV File



CSV Signups Download Example:


PlanHero CSV Download Example


CSV Attendance Download Example (only available if Track Attendance is checked in Event Settings):


PlanHero CSV Attendance Example

Here’s a short video showing you how to download a report on PlanHero™: